"In my mind it's Sunday all the time"

Due to having a love for taking pictures everywhere I go for as long as I can remember and pacing about 30 steps behind my family because of my constant need to stop and take a picture every 10 seconds, I decided to create this blog as kind of an outlet for that. I hope that one day I'll be able to say that I've travelled to and visited every corner and inch of the world, (well most anyway, maybe we'll leave out a few corners here and there..) for now it will be as many places as I can and am able to snap a picture of.

Sunday Somewhere is me posting about my thoughts and ideas, as well as what I like to wear, my many travels & and the ongoing contents of my make up bag and skincare stash. Lifestyle posts from just about anything and my obsession with wishing I was alive in 1930's New York, so I could hang out in glamorous cocktail bars & dress like Emma Stone in Gangster Squad. After a few attempts at names for this little space on the internet that I felt just didn't quite fit or wasn't really me or didn't have enough meaning that I really wanted for something that I love so much, one day I was thinking about how much I fall in love with a Sunday afternoon every time it rolls around, whatever the season, whatever the weather, Sunday is and always will be my favourite day. It's a day for taking a little trip to your favourite bakery, or sipping some green tea whilst reading that new book you just purchased, or in my case sitting on my big rug in the middle of my bedroom surrounded by a cushion fort and my cat, listening to some records. Then I realised it's not just a day, it's a feeling, it's the Sunday feeling. It can mean a thousand different things, it's always Sunday somewhere for someone, so came; Sunday Somewhere.

Disclaimer -

PR Samples/Gifts - I love this blog, it's my own personal little space to write and talk about the things I adore. Also sharing those things with anyone who may hop along and enjoy reading it, and enjoy the same things that I do. As a result I will only ever accept items being sent to me that I would buy myself or genuinely am likely to fall in love with. The vast majority of items/products shown here on Sunday Somewhere are purchased with my very own hard earned pennies.

Although I am PR friendly and am always happy to collaborate with a brand, when contacted by PR's I do not ever guarantee a review of the product or accept a collaboration just for the sake of it. So everything that you come across on this space is something that I absolutely love & can't wait to share with you, whether it has been gifted to me or not. Anything under this category will always be marked at the bottom of the post stating "PR Sample/Gifted".

I will never not aim to truly give you a clear and honest insight into any items I mention over here, as well as give you my complete personal opinion. I think we all know the frustration and disappointment of purchasing an item that you think will be astounding, only to find it's the complete opposite. I would never want any of you to waste your hard earned pennies that way and especially not from something that came recommended by me.

Sponsored Content - Sponsored posts may occasionally appear on Sunday Somewhere, but this will always be clearly stated, posts of this kind will be marked at the bottom with "- This Post Was Sponsored By .. -". This is a rarity & all sponsored content will still always remain relevant to the things that I feel passionate about amongst this blog and will remain honest, 100% written by me.. You get the gist.

Don't forget to hug your dogs.