I did a post very similar to this back in March, my Spring Wishlist and since we're now edging closer and closer to Summer, or is it Summer already? I never know when the specific days are for the new season starting and let's be honest UK's weather is pretty confusing at the best of times. But there have been a couple of much warmer days recently, so I thought I would do a little updated Summer wishlist. The list of things I'm coveting right now is embarrassingly long so I have only picked out a few of my most sought after!

6. L'occitane Gifts For Her

L'Occitane will never not be one of my favourite brands, it's no secret that I'm a sucker for pretty packaging but really, what's not to love about literally everything they have to offer? But I was particularly intrigued recently with their gift sets, of course there's always going to be an important birthday coming up of a loved one or a best friend, gift sets are always flying off the shelves at Christmas time, BUT also, you never need an excuse to treat yourself! Some of L'Occitane's scents in the gift sets are limited edition too so that makes it extra special for gift giving. Not just perfumes, which whisk you away to the South of France, bath & body products, home fragrances and candles, we all love a good candle, especially if it's going to make me feel like I'm relaxing on a lounger somewhere in sunny France. Their Basket Of Delights gift set comes in the cutest basket (if the title didn't already give that away!) So if the treats inside aren't enough to please you, you have a pretty as a peach basket which makes a really cute piece of decor, win win.

5. Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller

I first heard about these Yu Ling facial rollers maybe a year ago now, whenever it was that they first started causing such up raw within the beauty community! From the likes of Estée Lalonde, and obviously if it's good enough for her then it's good enough for me. I was intrigued but still thought what? What could a rolling marble/stone on a stick possible do for my face? But the stone is made from pure Jade, which has immense healing properties, which I'm all about! I also really like the idea they've provided of storing it in the fridge so the stone is cold, which you can then use on your temples to ease headaches & hangovers, (for the copious amounts of cocktails we'll all be drinking in our gardens this Summer). Plus does anyone remember when you were in school and you got really hot so you'd roll your cold water bottle over your face? I feel like this would be a similar satisfaction to that, and for those of us who are a little sun burn prone and tend to look a little puffy! It's designed to aid blood flow, which eliminates puffiness, tones facial muscles and plumps out wrinkles. Continuous use over time can also benefit people with problem skin around the chin/jawline caused by toxin build-up. I just really like the idea of something completely natural doing wonders for my skin.

4. L'art de la Simplictité: How To Live More With Less

Obviously (I say obviously for all of my fellow book worms out there), with a new season/month comes a new book (or 5). I'm going to be travelling to France in August, if you haven't seen me mention it about 5,000 times already! & apart from snapping pictures left, right & centre, I'm most likely also going to be doing a fair amount of lounging by the pool so I must pick myself up a new book before then. L'art de la Simplicté: How To Live More With Less is currently at the top of my reading wish list, and not just because of the awfully pretty, look really good on your dressing table and also for Instagram front cover! I feel like this book is going along the same lines of the very popular Hygge that's been doing the circles in the blogosphere, but a just as brilliant and good for the heart and soul kind of read, I'm all about that simple happy life! "Having lived in Japan for many years and inspired by oriental philosophy, Dominique Loreau discovered the beauty of a life well lived through the art of simplicity."

3. Illesteva Boca Cream Marble Sunglasses

Ok so I'm going to France, I want to look a little fancy, but I also want to protect my eyes from the rays and of course disguise those under eye circles if I've been doing a little too much wine tasting the day/night before (I am SO excited to visit a real vineyard!!) & as much as I love love my circle frame 60's style Asos sunnies, I came to realise that maybe it's time that I invest in my first pair of high end eye ball frames. Low and behold, the most beautiful pair of cream MARBLE Sunglasses from Illesteva, did I mention that they're marble? Will the French be able to tell that I'm a blogger just from that? But what I also love about them is that contrast to the big wonderful marble cat eye frames, they have much slimmer gold arms, I love this partly because I have the tiniest ears humanly possible for a 20 year old & chunky sunglasses frames just don't tend to sit right on me and of course there is the fact that the gold mixed with cream marble is a dream come true.

2. For Love & Lemons Luciana Ruffle Blouse

I made a pact with myself long ago that if I ever come into some money big time, apart from purchasing my dad that Porsche I promised him when I was 10 years old and saving all of the elephants of the world, that I am going to buy For Love & Lemons, yes the WHOLE lot. There's nothing wrong with being optimistic? I knew they stocked the most beautiful lingerie I'd ever laid my eyes upon, but I got so engrossed in that I didn't even get as far as realising that their clothes are just as beautiful (just as pricey too, but I've had a pretty turbulent 5 years months, so I'm down for treating myself). Anything pretty, flowy, floral and is made from delicate materials has my vote straight away and that's pretty much every item of FL&L clothing ever. Everything about this blouse needs to be inside my wardrobe asap, the ruffle trim is beautiful and you can wear it either normally, off the shoulder or just off one shoulder & I'm all about that off the shoulder action. The flared sleeves, tie waist and I love that's it's slightly cropped so it'll likely fit my tiny, largely out of proportion body. The way the colours and flowers/leaves flow together in the pattern is some serious eye candy.

1. Faithfull Majorca Maxi Dress

Last year I started working for a clothing shop and as much as towards the end I grew to despise it and knew I needed out of working in retail, one thing it did give me was the confidence and realisation that hey, I look and feel good in a dress. The company I worked for stocked mostly and some of the prettiest dresses both casual and tailored I'd ever seen and working there I was required to wear their clothes (I still miss that 75% discount *cries*). Before then I would only admire dresses, my figure wasn't something that I felt I wanted to showcase, more hide away in the comfort of my jeans & jumpers, which I do still loooove, but I realised dressing like this every day wasn't exactly doing me any favours or making me feel good about myself. Life is too short to just admire the pretty dresses, buy them and wear them, twirl around in them and be as happy as you would have been trying on a princess dress when you were 5, did I bother about how I looked in a dress when I was 5? No, I'm pretty sure I was just satisfied looking and feeling like Cinderella. So with Summer comes the admiring and purchasing of a few new dresses, this Faithfull dress is so relaxed and airy, perfect for a hot summers day, yet still so pretty with the off the shoulder slightly ruffled short sleeves & the tie waist makes it super flattering, I'm also big on tiny button down maxi dresses at the moment for all of the vintage vibes. Also, stripes, nude stripes, a blessing.

Happy Monday folks, let me know what you're currently lusting after and also, what's your favourite thing about Summer?