Two picnic's down this year so far, another 500 to go. I'm a girl of simple pleasures, I wouldn't get on a rollercoaster if my life depended on it, partly because I went on one at Disney Land Paris when I was 6 and decided that was the end of my life. I have big dreams of wanting to travel here and there, but mostly I would just like to live peacefully in a little house, in a quiet town, somewhere sunny preferably, with a library/book collection as big as the house itself and as many adopted cats and dogs I can fit into said house with me. If there is one thing I look forward to the most whenever Summer rolls around, it's being able to take little strolls whenever you like as it doesn't get dark or any chillier until 8-9 at night and there's something so still and peaceful about evening strolls, it's just you, the birds, the tree's and the sun going down, with a slight breeze in the air. I'm lucky enough to live in an area surrounded by a lot of greenery, fields and back roads lined with tree's that in the Spring/Summer sprout Blossoms all over the place, not forgetting the copious amount of blackberry's that overgrow the bushes down the side of my house! So late afternoon on Saturday me and my younger sister decided to take a picnic basket and go for a little walk (who was willing enough to help me take these pictures, such a little trooper) photographer in the making? We set up camp in the corner of one of the fields in front of some floral bushes, with just the right amount of shade and sunshine for a picnic.

I have and always will be a lover of coffee, even if I've tried to balance it out with my love for green tea, I wouldn't say I'm Lorelai Gilmore 200 cups a day obsessed, but if I could live in a house made of coffee, then I probably would. Coffee cake, coffee flavoured chocolate, just everything coffee orientated is in the words of Joey from Friends whilst eating Rachel's cottage pie/trifle concoction, it's GOOD. So when Lyons Coffee offered to send me one of their new boxes of coffee in tea bags (yes, you read that correctly, coffee in a tea bag), I was over here like yaaaasssss what are you waiting for, send them my way!! (With a please, thank you and smiley face on the end.)

So in our picnic basket along with my much loved Asos sunnies, a good book & a few cupcakes my other sister had previously baked up that day, I decided to test the convenience and taste of these deliciously smelling coffee bags, so I took along with me my trusty silver thermal flask filled with some boiling water and my favourite mug. My step mum has also taken a few of these to work with her this week as she's not really a fan of instant coffee and was really intrigued by the fact it's freshly ground coffee, with the convenience of being in a tea bag and I'm pretty sure she had everyone in the staff room onto her. 

Coffee in a tea bag? I hear you ask, it's 100% freshly ground coffee in a bag, none of that instant granulated, smells like coffee but tastes like lies kind of stuff. Their coffee's come in 4 different volumes, No. 2 Light & Smooth (which is my personal favourite), No. 3 Rich & Full Bodied, No. 4 Dark & Intense and a selection of decaffeinated coffee bags too for my coffee loving friends who in the words of Estée Lalonde, prefer a little bit of Leonardo Decafrio. You simply unwrap the coffee bag from it's foil wrapped packaging, place the coffee bag into your mug of choice, pour over freshly boiled water and give it a stir, take in that unmistakable 100% fresh ground coffee aroma and brew for 3-4 minutes. Remove your coffee bag and enjoy, just like ordering a freshly made coffee from your favourite coffee shop, but without the mess of the beans, because they're already ground for you!

Their idea is that you can enjoy the coffee "Anytime, Anywhere", for example; up a mountain, in the gym, in my case a picnic, on the tube, cycling or simply just in the office! So instead of popping along to your favourite coffee shop and paying about £8 for a fresh coffee (especially if you live in London or a big city), before work in the morning, because we all know that coffee fix is n e e d e d before any work beginning is even remotely thought about! You already have the fresh coffee with you, just add your boiling water from your flask and WA-LA, or keep cups are also really handy if you prefer to pre-make your coffee instead of making it on the go. My office is at my desk in my bedroom so I've been enjoying these little guys from the comfort of my own work situation, on little walks and of course just whilst chilling in my favourite space, getting into a good book. Another reason to get on board with Lyons Coffee is that they're a part of Project Waterfall, they make a donation to Project Waterfall every time you purchase a box of Lyons' Coffee bags. Since 2011 Project Waterfall has committed to providing a sustainable source of safe water and sanitation for coffee growing communities around the globe, which is a life-changing project. So you're drinking your coffee and doing the planet a favour, and let's be honest this planet we like to call home needs all the favours from us it can get!

Can we also just talk for a second about this wonderful, beautiful, amazing, screams Summer, Asos One Shoulder Ruffle Detail Sundress! I mentioned on my Twitter that I absolutely needed to get my hands on it and once it arrived I put in on straight away and thanked the sundress gods that it was finally MINE. I won't be taking this baby off until the very last day of sunshine and it will definitely be coming along to France with me in August, complete with my Betsy & Floss Formentera Pom Pom Basket Bag, which is soon to get it's own moment of limelight over on the blog, but for a quick sneak peak I have pictured it on my Instagram here

I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday so far, I've been finding it a little tricky this week to grab any motivation after Monday's heartbreaking events. But I've been hugging my younger sisters a little tighter than usual and trying to stay positive, I found a quote by Amelia Earhart which I shared on my Instagram and I'll share it here too, "A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees." Remember to love each other.


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