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Ok it's time to get serious here, real talk, pyjamas. Loungewear, comfies, trackies, the literal contents of my wardrobe, whatever you wish to call them, let's not deny ourselves the truth that even if like myself you relish in the world of pretty dresses, you know that as soon as you walk through that front door, the dress is coming off and the loungewear is going on and not coming off until you have to leave the house again. Which in my case can be anywhere from 3-4 days 2 weeks, there's no shame here people. It used to be a rolling joke in my household "oh look, Gemma's in her dressing gown again" but now if I'm caught wearing actual clothes or dare I say it j e a n s, it's more of a shocker. I just like to think of myself as a very chilled out little being and as my nan would say, comfort is important.

I was recently sent some lovely lovely pieces from Jockey, which are linked just below! A pair of navy, or more fancily described as "dark iris" lounge pants, these are the s o f t e s t material I've ever owned in an item of clothing, they have the cutest buttons at the top and are you ready, POCKETS. Anything with pockets has my vote, how else am I supposed to sneak multiple snacks from downstairs up to my bedroom where the never-ending Netflix party is at? These lounge pants also come in black, red and a light grey which all look equally as appealing. But the very best part about these bottoms which I didn't actually notice until I was about to take them off to get into the shower (TMI? Too late), they have an elasticated band around the ankle which you can adjust and then tie if they're too long, which allllll of my bottoms always are being 5ft nothing, but the elasticated band is hidden so you're still looking stylishly comfy and not dragging the bottoms of your lounge pants across the floor, which I like to think is always a good thing. 

Secondly a pair of light grey lounge shorts, sharing the same ssooofftttt material, selection of colours and super comfy, cute buttons and also a checked drawstring to tie at the waist which I'm loving.

Jockey, Loungewear, Pyjamas, Ways To Relax

So since all of us here are obviously big fans of loungewear and equally lounging around, everyone has their own ways they like to enjoy relaxing, you know when you just get those days where you wake up in the morning and consciously decide you know what, I'm going to do nothing today but I still want to do a few things that make me feel all good and nice and chilled. I like to call this productive lounging. Maybe you work part time & you have a couple of days off work, or maybe you've had a long day at work and you just neeeeed to get your chill on, or it's a Sunday, which is of course the designated chill out day of all days.

Jockey, Loungewear, Pyjamas, Ways To Relax

2. Get Some Tea In You

I used to be such a big fan of a good hefty hot chocolate, with whipped cream on top, the whole lot, go big or go home. But I tend to go for slightly less heart attack enduring beverages these days, green tea really is a love it or hate it kind of drink I feel, I know some people who have said to me they absolutely can't stand it and most of the time I know people are drinking it for the benefits that it comes with, I too starting drinking it as it makes my stomach feel a lot more relaxed because being bloated all the time is not fun. The whole bloated thing has calmed down a lot since I started eating mostly plant based/cut out meat, but I honestly just love any kind of tea that gives you that warm comforting feeling without the caffeine, Chamomile Tea with honey is luscioussss. I personally look forward to each day sitting down with a mug of green tea to either read a book or work on doing a little bit writing for a blog post or replying to your lovey comments!

3. Tunes & Instrumentals

I know not all of us are going to own an instrument, I didn't until December 2016 when my parents very kindly got me an acoustic/electric guitar for Christmas, I've wanted to learn to play for years as my dad used to play the guitar when I was little and I just love everything about how the acoustic guitar sounds. I'm definitely not quite there yet but I also just find it so fascinating how people are able to make incredible music just with the movement of their fingers along with strings and of course some incredible talent. Seeing Ed Sheeran play Bloodstream live on the TV (I wish it was live in person) is still one of my favourite performances. 

Sometimes I just find it nice when I'm getting all chilled out to grab my guitar and play a few tunes, even if it's just playing around with the strings and figuring out which sounds best etc. it's a very relaxing instrument to play. As opposed to actually playing an instrument, obviously getting some Spotify playlists or in my case some records spinning is a big yes, you won't walk into my room and find me without music playing, especially if I'm writing. I heard a song on 13 Reasons Why (no, I'm still not ready to talk about it), called The Night We Met by a band named Lord Huron from the scene where Hannah & Clay meet eyes from across the room at the school dance (no, I'm still not over it), and ever since I've been completely and utterly mesmerised by not only this song but this whole band in general, their music is truly beautiful. Another thing I like to listen to, to get all relaxed and in the zone of chill and I think I take after my dad here, but I really really love to just listen to piano music/instrumentals, another amazing instrument that I'd love to learn to play one day.

Jockey, Loungewear, Pyjamas, Ways To Relax

4. Book Worms Rule

Recently I realised that I've been completely neglecting my love for reading, or just books in general, I used to always only read when I had the time, which was mostly only a little bit before bed or in the Summer maybe I'd sit in the garden and read a bit. But I love love love to read, I always have done and I think like a lot of other bloggers, that's what has stemmed my loved for blog reading and eventually writing too. So I've decided that instead of waiting until I have the time, to set aside some time each day to read my favourite book or whatever book I may be reading at the time. Currently I've got my nose in The Beautiful & Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald, if you've seen the Great Gatsby, which most of us have and you loved it, then this book is for you. A few of my favourites which I've read recently would have to be Garance DorĂ© Love, Style, LifeHow To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are and John Green Looking For Alaska. So put on your favourite loungewear and get out your favourite book and forget everything else. I sometimes just like to flick through some homeware catalogues/magazines I've stocked up on for a little inspiration.

5. Get A Friend, A Sister Or A Mother & Get Your Pamper On

I've mentioned before that my favourite day of the week to fit in a little pampering is a Sunday, so my two favourite things go hand in hand. I always like to do the usual cleanse, exfoliate, but once a week I love to do a steam facial (which is literally just your face over a bowl of boiling water/steam), a nice face mask & then of course tone and moisturise, the steam facial and face mask just help to make my face feel really clean, draw out any impurities from throughout the week especially if I've been wearing make-up and then my skin is clean and ready for the week ahead. & what's even more fun than doing face masks, doing face masks with your friends or sisters, I have 2 and they're both to me! Having a good gossip/catch up and eating popcorn. I also don't feel right on a Sunday if I'm not jumping into a hot bubble bath, I say jumping, because it sounds slightly more graceful than the actual description of me balancing my way into the bath one leg at a time like a starfish, then hopping about and gradually lowering myself into the water as it's most likely way too hot. Obviously, I don't bath with my sisters, although I'm sure there are some pictures somewhere from many many years ago. I know this ties in with TV, but after you're all pampered up, most nights me and my youngest sister like to make ourselves a little duvet & pillow fort in our comfiest PJ's and watch a movie, which is the best feeling after a warm bath.

Jockey, Loungewear, Pyjamas, Ways To Relax

I've linked down below a little collection of my favourite loungewear pieces I could find from here & there, mostly pink of course and a variation of your comfiest jersey picks, to something a little fancier/satin. I know some of my favourite nightwear has come from Asos over the past couple of years! 

Jockey, Loungewear, Pyjamas, Ways To Relax

Don't forget to check out Jockey for all of your loungewear needs, happy Wednesday!

What do you like to do to get your chill on?