This is a pretty hefty post of all the skincare items I'm using currently, a couple of new additions and a good few staples that I will never not love and still deserve a mention and whilst skincare is something that I prioritise with morning & evening everyday, I do always enjoy a much needed pamper day at the end of every week, so to go with the very obvious Sunday theme of this blog, the Sunday skincare cupboard, the products that I'm most definitely reaching for on a Sunday evening after a nice warm bubble bath, to freshen up my skin for the new week ahead.

It's been a little tricky lately to keep up with posting new content, as much as I really want to and it's disheartening me because I always have so many idea's spinning around in the creative part of my brain that just constantly wants to keep on creating, photographing and writing, but I am kind of sort of well, a little bit broke! I promise I'm not lazy and lacking in idea's, I'm just poor my friends. In the last few months this blog has brought me a little bit of money and anything I do earn I put straight back into being able to create new content here and there and the job hunt is still continuing *struggles*. Although it's not all bad, and with this next note I would just like to stress how important it is to remember to check the junk sections of your e-mail inboxes! Luckily I wasn't too late responding, but on the 5th April I was invited to join a beauty blogger programme, which puts me as part of a community & I'll be sent new products to trial every 3 months, which I'm really excited about and it means, new content! So watch out for some hopefully worth talking about beauty products which should be with me very soon :-)

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser Rose & Lavender

This is pretty much exactly the same as the original Cleanse & Polish, does the same job (very lovely of course) but for the exact same price and pretty packaging it smells absolutely b e a u t i f u l!! Roses & lavender and all of that great stuff, so you're even ready for Spring when you're washing your face in the morning. I was a little worried at first as I have quite sensitive skin and don't really like using heavily scented or perfumed products especially on my face, but as this is Liz Earle all of the ingredients are mostly natural/naturally derived and I've now used this tube up completely and it still did wonders for my skin, nothing beats the Liz Earle. & I just had to pick this up as I love the little new additions or limited additions that Liz does every now and again, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.

Pixi Glow Mud Mask

The only other product by Pixi I've ever used before is the very popular Glow Tonic and like pretty much the rest of the population, or at least the vast majority of the beauty community! I absolutely fell in love with it, so I'm really not sure why it's taken me so long to pick up another Pixi product, I like to mix it up and try so many different/new products and brands sometimes even the best ones can get a little forgotten or missed! But I was in dire need of a new face mask after running out of my beloved Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, I knew I had to get my hands on the new Glow Mud Mask by Pixi immediately! First of all, I won't lie that I'm drawn to the pretty pastel green packaging and all of the other pretty details.. But that's not what we're here to talk about.. Although maybe later, because packaging is important? RIGHT? I LOVE a good mud mask and feeling like you're really breaking down all of the bad stuff in your pores for every second that you have it on, the kind of mask where you put it on and you can feel it working. I fell in love with this mask from the very first time I applied it, but last Sunday whilst I was finishing doing a spot of Spring cleaning and waiting for my bed sheets to tumble dry so I could make my bed, I must have sort of accidentally on purpose left the mask on for at least an hour as opposed to the instructed 15 minutes and when I washed it off in the shower my skin felt so SMOOTH, I was stood in the shower at about half 9 on a Sunday evening stroking my face like yaaassssss. This is a truly wonderful mask and little skin pick me up, and definitely leaves my skin lovely and glowing. Filled with Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Mineral-Rich Mud which combine to create the ultimate deep pore cleansing & skin energising mask. "Great for congested, dull and tired skin."

Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream

I purchased this moisturiser after I saw it recommended in one of my favourite bloggers posts and had a little "her skin always looks a-m-azing, if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me" moment to myself. I was in need of a new moisturiser and after reaching the end of the moisturisers to try section on my skincare wish list - I know that sounds totally way too Monica from Friends style organised but for real you should see the bookmarks on my phone, I wanted to try something new so behold, this lovely little Korres creation. I mean I haven't pictured it here but even the box it came in is beautiful! I love love Korres, I've tried their lip balms and I'm pretty sure every single one of their scented body washes, but when I came across this Wild Rose skincare range I knew I had to exchange my money's for at least one product in the collection. Maybe it's the fact that this product originates from Athens, so I can close my eyes and pretend I'm in Greece when I'm applying it, or maybe it's the to die for rose scent, but either way it's true love and you have to trust me because the only other being I've ever been able to say that about is my cat and we all know how much that little ball of fur means to me. I can't explain how good this smells, almost like that strawberries and cream smell, but with fresh roses in your garden instead.. If that makes sense? This I suppose is a combination of sort of half way between thick-medium consistency and I do love a good thick moisturiser that I can feel is actually helping my skin out as I am part of the dryer skin clan, everywhere, 365 days a year, so I need that moisture! But what I also love about this is that it seemed to sink in straight away, so no thick/heavy oily residue being left on your skin. It makes my skin feel like silk & all in all, why would you not want your face to smell like roses? There's no nasties in it as it's suitable for vegetarians/vegans & is free from the silicones and parabens, to be precise, 84.6% natural content. Wild Rose oil is also rich in Vitamin C so 10/10 would recommend. 

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

I'll keep this short & sweet as I'm pretty sure I've spoken about this toner and featured it in posts at least 4 or 5 times in the past, but I came back to it again recently as I only have a very small selection of toners that I actually love enough to repurchase time and time again. There are other one's that I love, but I always seem to come back to this toner. Maybe it's my undying love for all things Liz Earle, but there's just something about this toner! It's so refreshing and alway's seems to last me absolutely donkeys years, even when it seems like it's about to run out, it keeps on going. It's just especially nice to swipe over your face in the morning after cleansing & splashing your face with cool water, I feel like it really helps to wake me and my skin up and never fails to leave my skin looking radiant and glowing. Again this also smells really lovely, like cucumbers and roses. All of the nice little ingredients that keep your skin smooth and healthy such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile, it's really gentle and will forever stay a big favourite of mine.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I truly believe that amongst all of the lovely natural & good for your skin ingredients that's inside this cleanser, there's also a little bit of magic. If my skin is ever going through a little rough patch, this is guaranteed to pick it back up again and works wonders for getting redness to go down/makes the healing process if you happen to a have a breakout a lot faster. This cleanser, apart from cleaning my skin wonderfully of course, holds amazing calming properties for the skin and always leaves it feeling so smooth, which is also with a little help from the trusty muslin cloth that comes with it, I don't feel right washing my face or using a cleanser without a muslin cloth now, I must be stocked up enough on Liz Earle cloths for the rest of my life! I think this will always be my favourite cleanser.

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil

I've featured this little bottle of goodness once before on the blog but it didn't really get a proper moment for the spotlight as it was part of a January Favourites post so everything was a little bit here & there, but even so I feel that it needs another mention because it works wonders. Pai is my most favourite skincare brand down from Liz Earle, another all natural and good for the skin brand with products that will quickly become staples in your skincare cupboard. I use Rosehip before bed after my cleanser, toner and before my moisturiser as a sort of evening serum & night oil, but I have also used this in the morning underneath my moisturiser before applying make-up if I'm having an extra dry skin day and it sits really well. I wasn't really sure about the scent of this at first & I've seen other people say the same, I can't really put my finger specifically on what the scent actually is but after a while you sort of grow to love it. I always feel like I'm giving my skin a little treatment before bed when I apply this to my face and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels smooth, looks brighter and just all round healthy, I also feel like it helps to bring down and heal any imperfections just in the nick of time. I've read that's it's also really good to just rub a little bit over any stretch marks or scars and I think all of us have experienced at least one of those things, I have a few stretch marks that I know I would like to see fade away so I'll have to test that one out!

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

There aren't many things other than my step mum's roast dinner that makes me happier on a Sunday than a good face scrub before a mask, I don't really have a preference when it comes to face scrubs. I know some people don't enjoy the really scrubby ones and there are a lot of opinions that super abrasive scrubs can actually be quite bad for your skin, but if my skin feels clean and fresh and as if all of those dead skin cells have been well and truly scrubbed away & my skin doesn't get irritated in the process then I'm not fussed. But this exfoliator does so happen to be one of the more gentler one's, I really really like it because whilst it is gentle, it's sort of an in-between due to the creamy consistency and then the little scrubby beads which really aren't too abrasive at all, but after just a little while of scrubbing once washed off with warm water my skin is instantly smoother.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil

The second little bottle of facial oil in this post is the serum I like to use with my morning skincare routine, it's a very light & fast sinking in oil which is why I think it makes the perfect daytime serum. I think they've recently done up the packaging for this product which I'm really happy about because for some reason the pipette is incredibly stiff & I just can't use it so I have to borrow the pipette from my Pai oil! This is a 100% natural oil, which I'm pretty sure is the same for all of Balance Me's products which is obviously a big thumbs up emoji from me. It's targeted at people with dehydrated/dry skin but because it's so light I don't see why it wouldn't be suitable for people with normal to combination skin also! It's just a great little skin helper and preps your face in the morning for everything else, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and a lot like the Pai oil, radiates from within and definitely helps to rehydrate my dry dry dry Sahara desert skin. Fortified with Amazonian-Buriti Nut, Camellia and Rosehip oils (there's quite a rose theme going on in this post..) the radiance-reviving blend helps to soften the appearance of fine lines, scarring and discolouration, so all of that GOOD stuff.

I'm so happy to hopefully be getting back into more beauty oriented posts as I know I've been branching out a little bit which is what I wanted to do, but I do still very much enjoy talking about all things make-up & skincare! I know this post is a little lengthy but I had a lot of fun snapping these pictures the other day and couldn't not share the majority of them! Happy Sunday loves.

What's your favourite skincare product of the moment?