As you may or may not have seen, I mentioned on my Twitter a little while ago that I'm going to be taking a trip to France (Bordeaux) for a week in August, this will be my first proper holiday or time spent in another country since 2012, 2012!!! I was still in my second from last year at school & it was an all inclusive family park kind of holiday to Tenerife, which as lovely as it still was (without the blistering sunburn me and my sister both stupidly obtained). I'm BEYOND excited to be visiting a place that's a lot less touristy, we'll be staying in our own villa with our own pool, but I'm most excited to hopefully get out and snap some pictures of beautiful France and of course, get a couple of outfit posts in there too because I feel like Bordeaux might make for a few much prettier backdrops than the village of little old Market Deeping! (Hence why you don't see those that often from me..)
When my dad first told me he decided to shout up from the bottom of the stairs at me whilst I was in the bath trying to get my relax on and probably shaving my legs (I take that back, there's nothing relaxing about shaving your legs), I couldn't even hear what he was saying at first, all I heard were the words "Gemma, something something something, FRANCE". But ever since I've been in the loop on the news, like any other blogger or fashion obsessed human ever, I immediately thought to myself, YES, an excuse for new clothes!! & my favourite kind, Spring/Summer clothing, my brain has been filled with lot's of long, flowing dresses, midi skirts, ruffles, florals, bardot tops and lot's and lot's of pink. Over the past few weeks I've been trawling the inter webs (queue my full to the brim Asos wish list) for some inspiration and have come across some absolutely beautiful pieces, so in the spirit of holidaying and the warmer weather nearing, and my bank account about to kill me in my sleep. I decided I would create a few little mood boards/collages and get a bit creative. All links to the images are included in the post so you can also check them out and I can feel better and not be the only one lusting over allllllll of the pretty clothing. P.S Whilst I will be purchasing the very first dress pictured in this post, take note that there are a few higher end more pricey items covered here, but this is merely meant for a little bit of inspiration and even though some of us may not be able to afford it (at least not with one pay check), it doesn't mean we can't just snoop and adore everything on the Chloé website anyway, am I right or am I RIGHT?


- All graphics made by me, but credit is to the company's/brands mentioned for the photo's inside the graphics. -