It's been a little while since there's been a new post over on this space, I promised myself I'd never leave it this long between posts again (as long as we don't leave it as long as 9 months, like last year) but, as I'm sure a lot of you will agree and understand, sometimes life just gets in the way and there is a lot more that goes into blogging than just clicking that bright orange publish button! 

I have a pretty exciting collaboration with a brand that should be coming to the blog either towards the end of this week or the beginning of next and I'm super excited to shoot the photo's for this one as I have some really lovely idea's! & of course it's always an amazing feeling to be recognised by a brand for all of the hard work and passion that you do put in.

So I suppose this is just a little update of a post, I've been a busy bee applying for jobs, last week I underwent 3 job interviews 3 days in a row and as it turns out, none of them are suitable. I'm keeping my positive rucksack on.. I don't know where that line came from but now I've typed it, it seems very cheesy. Although, it isn't all bad as one of the job interviews I went for last week, the people who interviewed me spent a large amount of time complimenting me on my blog, I was both shocked and humbled, the only professional opinion I've ever had over here are from the likes of my parents and my little sister, who sent me this adorable e-mail the other day. They asked me questions about where I think I'd like to take it, whether I would look into turning it into a business, make it my job, and receiving compliments on my photography is always so heartwarming as that was my main reason for starting this blog, a place to document all of the images from my 'not being able to put down my camera down' episodes, which is everyday. It got me thinking, eventually I think this blog is something I would like to be able to take full time and pour my complete heart, soul and all of my time into. I don't think that any of us should shy away from admitting that if it's what we feel, I know it can be a taboo subject, but since being recognised and getting the chance to work with some pretty lovely companies, why would I not enjoy the idea of working on this blog for a living, when it's something that I love so much and am proud of.

And the last and main reason for sitting down to type this short post is that you may notice I've had a little redesign! Which is another reason for me not posting, I decided I wanted to wait until it was all finished and then get cracking with some brand new content, to go with the brand new look. I know I wasn't/am not and won't be the last blogger to feel like this, but because I just wasn't happy with the way my blog looked, that in time made me way more reluctant to want to post when I'd spend so much time on the writing, photography and editing, only to look at my page and think "meh" and that worried me too because if I'm thinking meh, then what is everyone else thinking when they come to visit? I felt that it was lacking and needed something more, I wasn't entirely sure what that more was but I knew the kind of look that I had in my head so, one spontaneous evening I decided to sit down and layout myself a mock up on photoshop of what I would like this space to look like, and all of the pages and page elements that go with that. I then did some research and decided to get in touch with the wonderful and talented Mina from Underline Designs. I have been through so many templates since starting this blog, each time liking them for a few weeks and then slowly becoming more and more unsatisfied with the look because it's not me and there was always just something missing. As much as I love Pipdig and all of their designs, how helpful they are, £900-£2,000 for a custom blog design was just not on the cards.

I don't remember exactly how I came across Mina, I think it may have been on Twitter, but as soon as I visited her page and saw her template & custom designs I knew that she was the one I wanted to go to for this little project! This may seem dramatic but I'm currently appointing Mina as my official hero, maybe even above Fleetwood Mac. She is a truly wonderful human (even if our only contact was back and forth through e-mails!) I can't thank her enough for the amazing work she has done putting together this space for my blog, I swear when I first saw the preview fireworks where coming out of every angle of me.

So I suppose that's all I have for you on this hopefully sunny Tuesday morning (I'm writing this on the Monday!) Feel free to take a little tour and let me know what your thoughts are on the new & improved Sunday Somewhere, I'm particularly looking forward to filling the Gallery page, which you'll find a link to right at the bottom of my blog, with all of my more spontaneous outing photography pictures that never quite make it into a post.

Happy Tuesday!