I feel a little bit like I went to sleep in October, I woke up and all of a sudden it's March! March!! How did this happen? But aside from it being absolutely crazy that we're officially into the third month of 2017 already, I am also extremely happy about this because Spring is finally here people, or at least almost, can we say it's here already? This means I can whack out my collection of pretty flowy dresses (which amounts to the vast majority of my wardrobe) but of course add a few new ones! Not have to boost the heating up to 30 and have many weird hatred feelings towards my leather sofa. It's time to draw out the my lighter shades of lipstick, have a fresh bouquet of flowers in each corner of my room and invest in some floral scents such as these L'Occitane women's Perfumes to match, I can have my windows open whilst I work and let's not forget alllll of the baby animals!! 

So in the spirit of Spring, my ever-growing wish list and creative spout, I decided to put together a little Spring Wishlist (if you know, you couldn't already tell from the big pink lettering above..)

Asos Rectangle Buckle Jeans Belt - I'd never really much gotten into belts or even bothered with accessorising at all, you only need a belt if your jeans are too big and you're not wanting to work the ever so gracious local chav with his jeans half way down his bum look right? But recently I realised just how much a belt can complete an outfit and whilst I love love my little black Asos belt I bought a few weeks ago, I feel like Spring/Summer is the time for lighter/brown accents so I'm currently coveting this light brown buckle belt, I'm a big fan of the vintage touch the buckle has going on.

Anthropologie Tufted Yoursa Cushion - Oh Anthropologie, how you will always have my heart (& my bank balance!!) I don't think I will ever stop lusting after interior pieces and the one thing I am still really in need of is a nice fancy cushion to go with my desk chair and a few for my bed too, this Anthopologie piece with it's pretty gold tufts and detailing is definitely making the cut.

& Other Stories Denim Skirt - So amongst my ever-growing leaping & bounding love for long, flowy, pretty as hell dresses that have me in ore, much like the ones that Julia from Gal Meets Glam always seems to have on (I'm obsessed, to say the least..) I've decided that this year, rolling with the whole coming out of my comfort zone vibes and attempting to worry a lot less about what other people think of me and just simply being happy, that I might dip my toes, or should I say legs (that was such a dad joke, I'm sorry) into a few denim skirts, even if my thighs are out, even if I know I'm never going to possess the pins of a VS model, this pretty little & Other Stories denim skirt will be mine.

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer - I think I first discovered Smith & Cult whilst I was watching a youtube video and in the video they mentioned the S&C nail polishes and being completely guilty of snatching up products due to their pretty packaging, I fell in love with the golden, hammered nail polish lids and knew I needed to add them to my collection. I know, never judge a book by it's cover, but I feel like when it comes to make up, we can kindly throw that phrase out the window. Recently I was browsing the Beauty Bay website whilst bored one evening, like the make up fanatic that I am and I cam across the Smith & Cult Lip Lacquers, I think they're fairly new and the shade range is absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer, especially one word chorus. & how am I supposed to resist those beautiful gold lids? I'm only human, let's be realistic.

Pimkie Contrast Heeled Shoe - If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I have a pretty big penchant for all things a little bit vintage and classic and much to my delight these types of dainty/classic shoe seem to be coming back around in a big way, a lot like this lovely orange/rust coloured pair I purchased from Asos & featured in this post. These Pimkie shoes are so cute/perfect for Spring and I feel would go with both dresses/denim skirts and jeans, plus the toe cap contrast design is giving me big Chanel vibes, but without murdering my bank balance.

Amelia Rose Floral Embellished Hard Box Clutch Bag - I've been trying to decide which I love more, this clutch bag itself or the fact that the brand is named Amelia Rose, could it get any prettier as a whole if it tried? Whilst I was scrolling through Asos the other day, I mean I see lots of lovely/dreamy items on Asos, most of which get added to my wish list and left there because I am broke. But when I saw this little clutch, although a bit fancy, I kid you not I'm pretty sure the heavens opened up and I realised what it is to feel true love, I don't even care if that sounds sad in any way shape or form. It's so so beautiful with it's pastel green satin body and beading, it screams Spring and the silver ball clasp gives it that vintage touch. Where was this clutch when I was a bridesmaid last August?

L'Occitane Frangrances - And last, but definitely by no means least, of course I had to add a little fragrance lusting to this post as I can never get enough and am forever hoarding. Personally, I blame the perfume company's for making their bottles so pretty and drawing me in! This month I'm adding a few from L'Occitane to my list and planning to slowly build up a collection of these lovely scents. I've been a fan of L'Occitane and they're beautiful products for about 2 years, a favourite of mine being their bath oils. But I recently noticed they happen to have a pretty vast collection of perfumes too, for both men and women! With words to describe these perfumes such as "crisp and citrusy, invigorating and aromatic, floral and delicate, warm and enveloping" how can I resist? These bottles and the scents inside of them may as well have Spring plastered all over them and I feel I should also mention that they have a pretty smashing collection of candles too, and we all know how much us bloggers love a good candle. L'Occitane says "Each of our fragrances tells a story, revives a legend, sings the song of Provence. From sigranture Jasmine & Bergamot to fresh Verbena and the florals of Peony, Cherry Blossom and Rose." I think the scent I'm most eager to try is their Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette, with notes of freesia, cherry and lily of the valley, with a base of amber and musk. "Transporting you to the cherry tree dotted  hillsides of Southern France with it's delicate and fresh scent." I think this perfume is going to have to accompany me on my trip to France this August!

Happy Monday loves! What's your favourite perfume as of late?


- This post is sponsored by L'Occitane, but all thoughts are my own. -