Eyeko Lash Alert Wake Up And Go Mascara

I started off this blog pretty much just doing beauty/make up reviews, whether it was focused on just my favourite lipstick or about 7 products as a whole, it's been a little while since I dedicated a whole post just to one little gem! & this Thursday morning I'm going to do just that with Eyeko's New Lash Alert Mascara! I should state that Eyeko very kindly sent me this mascara to try out, but of course I'm only giving you the whole truth and nothing but the truth! *there's my blogger's brownie promise for the day* and I also kind of wish that I could go back and tell 17 year old me that one day I'd be getting sent fancy new mascara's to write about, because I think she'd be very happy about that. Anywho, enough of the 'guys I'm trying to act cool here but secretly I'm geeking out'.

This little diamond arrived just in time as my Liz Earle mascara was just about drying up (which is amazing too by the way!), I've always been a fan of Eyeko's products, having repurchased their liquid eyeliners multiple times and now having tried this mascara, along with my sister too, I'm going to have to get browsing on some of their other products! Especially considering they're an eye make up focused brand and getting my eye lids/lashes all glammed up is definitely my favourite part of doing my make up.

Eyeko Lash Alert Wake Up And Go Mascara

To start off with, this is definitely the most unique mascara packaging I've ever owned, with it coming in a squeezy like tube, I'm not sure if there's a specific reason for this or if they just think it looks pretty cool but I like it! Plus I suppose it prevents there being as much waste in a mascara tube as you can squeeze a little more of the product to the surface instead of it just getting left in the bottom and not being able to make contact with the brush like a usual tube. 

I really really like the brush on this mascara, it's the brush that is the be all and end all for me, I have pretty long/curly lashes as it is so I tend to get along with most of them but I'll always notice if the product is good but the brush let's it down, because I know people sometimes talk about 'clumpy' mascara's and maybe some of that has to do with the formula but I think it also has a lot to do with the placement of the bristles/shape of the brush. & the first thing I noticed whilst applying this mascara was how much the brush was really gripping my lashes, which I love because it meant none of my lashes were clumped or sticking together in little groups and it gives my lashes a really nice long, fanned out affect. It's also really thin which means I can get to my lower lashes easily enough and make sure they're standing out too. (Can we get £1 for how many times I said lashes there?)

What intrigues me about this mascara the most is that it's a mascara, but also a treatment at the same time. Infused with caffeine to give your eyes a little more of an awake look (I'm all about that coffee life, why not whack some of it on my lashes too), Eyeko states that this mascara is a fibre enhanced formula, containing not only caffeine but also Arginine & Biotinoyl Tripeptide to stimulate growth. I'll be honest those words sound like something only Ross from friends would have all the answers to, but I'm trusting they know what they're doing here! 

Also in the mascara - 

Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, which wraps around the lashes to provide 12 hour protection and strength, helping to avoid breakages and naturally building volume and thickness.

Amino Acid L-Arginine, proven to have an enormous effect of hair growth because of it's effect with raising blood circulation, stimulating faster hair growth and improving weakened hair follicles and breakages. 

Ceramide, reinforcing damaged lashes by smoothing the cuticles closed, preventing any further potential damage. 

Biotinoyl Tripeptide -1, repairing and strengthening by penetrating the hair to help close split ends. They help to swell the hair shaft which gives the impression of thicker hair meaning extra body and fullness!

I don't think I've ever even thought about my eyelashes in that much depth before! 

Eyeko Lash Alert Wake Up And Go Mascara

Eyeko say - "A botanical-fueled energising formula, infused with caffeine and a double dose of fibres to lift the sleepiest of 'bed lashes' for perkier volume, curl and care all-day. Our most growth-promoting mascara yet contains Shea Butter, Biotinoyl Tripeptide and Arginine amino acids to strengthen frail and damaged lashes. Lash alert will improve long-term elasticity and resilience for naturally thicker lashes, round the clock!" 

Overall I really like this mascara and it will be going into my list of favourites to repurchase, I can't say I've ever thought that my lashes needed much growth help, nor have I been using it for long enough to see if this reigns true! Although there have been times I've been a little jealous like with that one boy in my history class when I was at school who had the longest eyelashes human possibly and had no intentions of appreciating them - not fair. But for anyone who does think their lashes could do with a little growth help, I would recommend trying this one out as it promises very high things and all of their other mascara's have won awards/are very highly spoken about so it can't hurt to try! Or if you're just running out of your current and are looking for a great new mascara then this one's your new gem. I think it makes my eyelashes stand out a little more, look nice and long/separated and the brush makes it easy to fan them out towards the end for that extra fluttery look! So treat yo selfff and go pick up a new Eyeko mascara

I also couldn't not feature this cute as hell grumpy cat post card they sent with the mascara, which very much resembles everyone in my household, including my cats before they've been fed and cuddled in the morning. Happy Thursday loves, have you tried/loved any of Eyeko's products before?


Eyeko Lash Alert Wake Up And Go Mascara

PR* - This product was gifted to me by Eyeko, but all thoughts are from yours trulllllly. -