Do people still do monthly favourites? I feel like they used to be something that you saw circling religiously without a doubt, or maybe I've gone a little blind but I just don't feel like I see them as much! Last year my January Favourites was actually my last post before I didn't blog for an entire 9 months unintentionally (there was no baby inside of me I promise).. & there are quite a few things I came to love last month, so many that there are actually a couple I had to miss out because I couldn't fit them in the picture, they'll have to feature some other time! I would like to maybe learn a tune or two before I start talking about how much I love my guitar.. I love my guitar, but I am unable to play it! Yet!

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil - I would like to eventually do a proper little review on this, I don't remember the last time I did a post dedicated to just one product itself! I've pictured this on my Instagram and spoken of my love for it, as have quite a few other people! It was actually another bloggers in depth talk on it that made me snatch it up. I've only used a few other face oils in the past and I'm still carrying a torch for Liz Earle's Superskin Concentrate. Pai's Rosehip is so lovely, the thought of putting oils on my face always worried me, why would anyone want to do that? Surely it feels horrible? But obviously I am not a skin expert and I was wrong, this oil sinks in so fast and the reason I originally purchased it in the first place is because in the review I read the girl stated that it had been really good for her problem skin and mine has been playing up a little recently, I think it's down to stress, and of course we all love a bit of that! & I do feel like it's been helping, whilst keeping my skin looking hydrated and bright. It does say for best results to apply at night, but I wore it underneath my make up as a daytime serum on Friday and I found that my make up went on a lot nicer and saved my skin from those pesky dry patches. Plus it's a lot more bank balance friendly than the Liz Earle. OH PAI.

Rifle Paper Co. Constellations 2017 Wall Calendar - I don't remember when or how I first discovered Rifle Paper Co. but boy oh boy ever since, I have been obsessed and this discovery is what truly sent me into dreaming of just living in a big fat pile of some pretty ass stationary. I think it's the gold foil print that gets me with this calendar which is now in the sale on the site I found by the way! I have this hanging on my wall by my desk and each new month's page has an illustration of one of the constellations with the prettiest watercolour esq painting blue/purple/green night sky variations and tiny little gold numbers, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I think I'll be keeping this up for longer than just 2017!

The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald - There aren't many readers/writers who don't admire F. Scott Fitzgerald's work, and if you've never had the delight of reading any of his books then the very popular The Great Gatsby was written in his novel originally. I fall in love with anything that has the ability to transport me to a different time, particularly the 1920's-30's New York jazz age and Fitzgerald's novels do just that. I accidentally purchased the collectors library version of this book, so it's a little smaller than your average book and the edges are laced with a gold trim and a little burgundy page saver ribbon (handy).. I feel like I'm going into grave detail about the appearance of my current favourite book, but I know all my fellow book lovers out there will feel me. My little sister says she thinks it looks like a bible but I think it's cute as hell. Overall I'm really enjoying it so far and every time I pick it up am taken into the lives of Anthony Patch, his friends and his wife Gloria in the 1920's and wishing I was also dressing up all fancy and getting drunk to jazz music until all hours of the morning without a care in the world.

Rifle Paper Co. 17 Month Planner  - The one I have pictured here I actually bought towards the end of 2015 and have only just started using it now, what am I like! In an attempt to become a lot more organised and I'd completely forgotten all of the reasons why I loved it so much when I first purchased it, luckily Rifle Paper Co. are always bringing handy things like this out around the beginning of the year so there's no reason for us all to not have our shit together/affairs in order! Of course their planners are super pretty (gold detailing my friends) inside & out, but the thing that I adore the most about them I think is the little inspirational quotes that are printed at the top page for ever new week, such a lovely little touch. 

By Terry Brume De Rose - I've mentioned this before in my Morning Skincare Routine if you fancy a little more of an in depth description! But I'm pretty sure it will be in my monthly favourites from month to month because I am not done raving about it. Yes, it is pricey and I did giggle at my boyfriend for responding with a "WHAT" when I told him how much I'd paid for what is seemingly just a lip balm, but it's not JUST a lip balm and it is amazing, end of story. It has saved my life (well maybe not my life, breathing saves my life, that's a little dramatic) with numerous dry patches across my face, without clogging up any pores. I hear By Terry have now bought out a skincare range to match the Baume De Rose hype, so if any of you love it as much as I do, get some of that on your wish list.

Charlotte Tilbury Uptown Girl Quad - I think if you've been reading my blog for a while now, or any other blogger on the planet for that matter then you'll know that Charlotte Tilbury and every single one of her products is the one. & if I ever stop collecting these little quads of sparkly goodness just know that there's something wrong with me. Next on the wish list is Vintage Vamp, come to mama. 

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.20 Fragrance - I may have mentioned this before, as it's been my only go to fragrance since about October, Liz Earle's fragrances always seem to last me so long! As far as I know know they all smell so lovely & there's a good few I'm really eager to give a little sniff/spritz, not forgetting that pretty pretty packaging. No.20 is 87% derived from natural ingredients and resonates with sandalwood & damask rose, this is a little rose garden in pink bottle and I always get the little "Oh, you smell NICE" from Joe.

Kings Of Leon Walls Vinyl - Believe it or not since gaining a record player a year ago, I haven't accumulated anywhere near as many records as I would have liked to by now, I thought I'd have a fat ass pile taking up all the room on my shelves & whilst I do have a very decent small collection of both fairly new songs and old, these things are expensive and some not as readily available as a quick download to Spotify. But if there are few things that make me happy it's Kings Of Leon and hopping out of the shower in the morning, sitting in my chair and listening to my favourite records. Owning a record player gives off a certain chilled out vibe to a room and there's something way more special about pulling a new record out of it's card board sleeve, complete with lyrics and artsy editorials, bringing back the realisation of how much goes into the creation of an album. As for King Of Leon and the list of songs on this record, go and grab it right now, so much LOVE.

And that wraps up my January favourites, maybe I can get my February Faves in a little sooner than the 7th of the month .. Maybe? One thing I almost forgot to mention that I've been loving but don't have a link for as I just got lucky I suppose, is those old fashioned magazines that you can see pictured. Turns out my grandpa had kept a bunch of old magazines/newspapers some dating back to the 1940's and it's been so cool to flick through them, admire the little illustrations and read the funny ads, especially the ones that tell you smoking is good for you! I have seen things like this in my local antique shop before now, so if you're interested and find things like this cool as I do then maybe have a little snoop around an antique shop near you or ask your grandparents!

What loves has 2017 brought you so far?