This was originally going to be "A Wintery Beauty Look" and whilst it still is, since it's Valentine's Day tomorrow I thought I would base it on that, considering this is quite a 'date night, romantic' kind of eye and lip. But as much as it does look beautiful outside and the sunshine is inviting, it is still definitely winter and it is still definitely freezing cold. As I'm writing this I am trying to get as close to my radiator as I possibly can without falling down the side of my bed, it is SO cold in my house even with the heating on, so I suppose we can make this post a little bit of both. And really I have accumulated quite a few pretty decent beauty bits, some old and some new that I just needed an excuse to talk about! I'm not mentioning every single product I have on my face in this post, just my favourites that I believe to be staples.

I will be spending tomorrow getting up at half 5am (roundabout, we'll see) to go with my younger sister to one of her dance competitions, it's a little more of an early start than I'm used to, but I always want to give my moral support to my little mini me and I have been promised coffee. After that, probably a lot of napping and hugging my cats, maybe I'll throw in an episode or two of Gilmore Girls. & don't forget to not buy into the generic Valentine's Day persona, if you're single appreciate yourself and treat yo self (nicely) hug your pets, hug your friends, hug your family. Spread the LOVE regardless!

Illamasqua Radiance Veil Primer - I'd never really gotten that into using primers until just recently, I'm trying to recall but I'm pretty sure this might be the first primer I've ever used, after 20 years on this earth! I just never really saw a need for it, my make up always stayed in place and I have quite dry skin. But I love love love Illamasqua and when they released these primers a good while ago now I knew I'd have to snap one of them up eventually. I love highlighter, and I'll get to that in just a moment! I've never really been a fan of the really matte/lots of powder look, although I do use powder, I try and keep it to a light dusting. I like my make up to look nice and glowing/dewy, this primer is pretty much a primer and highlighter in one and I am obsessed with it. It's the prettiest light pink shade for starters, and the pot is so huge I'm convinced it's going to last me forever, I use this all over my face to prime before my base but I particularly concentrate on the high points of my face such as the brow bone, nose bridge/arch, my cupids bow and chin, so when I get to putting my highlighter on over the top of my CC cream/foundation, it just enhances it and even without a sweeping of highlighter, just really brightens up my face.

Bourjois CC Cream - I've been asked quite a bit lately from family and friends "What foundation are you wearing?" And I always love to see the look on their faces when I say it's not actually technically foundation that I'm wearing, it's just a cc cream. I've been repurchasing this I'm pretty sure since around August/September time last year partly because I'm always poor and it literally costs £9.99!! But mostly because it's sooo light on my skin, but at the same time very very good coverage, it always looks so natural and it doesn't budge I kid you not ALL day, perfect for a Valentine's evening date night when you need your make up to be on your side the most.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette's in Uptown Girl & The Sophisticate - I have expressed my undying love for CT and her long list of beautiful amazing fabulous good for the heart and soul beauty products many a time on this blog so I won't ramble on for too long with that same old chatter, but for this look I decided to use the two champagne/pink shimmery shades out of Uptown Girl & the two brown shades out of The Sophisticate. One of the many things I love about these palette's is that all of the shades work really well together meaning you can mix and match, lot's of love for these little pans.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow - I've had this palette since around August/September maybe and I've only just started to hit pan the tiniest little bit on the highlighter, and I do believe that's only down to the fact that my sister has been pinching it here and there, Suzie if you're reading this, I see you. So although it's pricey, it's beautiful, you're getting two for one and it's going to last you a fair while. This palette is the perfect duo from day to night, everyday use and the bronzer is easily buildable, it's the loveliest warm toned/natural bronzer I have ever used and as for the highlight, let the last two pictures in this post do the talking! It's super pretty and not too sparkly or heavily glittery like some highlighters, it just gives my face a perfect as Charlotte Tilbury herself would say "candlelit" glow. I personally just enjoy dusting a bucket load of highlighter onto the tip of my nose and feeling like a lil fairy. 

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Minx  - My first Illamasqua lipstick purchase of many! I love this lipstick because although it is a darker shade so perfect for this time of year, and how I'm wearing it in the pictures below I've applied it to it's 'full potential' if you will, but sometimes I just like to dab it on for a much more subtle colour, therefore being appropriate all year round! But it really is the perfect dark pink/nude shade and I'm very much in love with it. This lipstick goes on so smoothly I sometimes forget I'm wearing it and think I have my By Terry balm on my lips! It's also enriched with moisturising Vitamin E, so you're taking care of your lips whilst looking fancy.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - This little round pot of eyebrow goodness has been ranted and raved about to high heavens and there's a very good reason for that, it's the only eyebrow product you'll ever need. Well, at least that's what I think! I've had this same pot for well over a year now and I don't care if anyone thinks that's unsanitary, it works just as well as the day I bought it and I'm still not even close to finishing the pot. You literally need the smallest amount, I use this eyebrow brush by Anastasia to apply it and they're a perfect match. The shade range is brillllll and it shapes my brows beautifully, I finally got my sister to tell me my brows are "on fleek".

Blouse - Topshop (Sold out, Topshop alternatives here & here)
Necklace - Alex Monroe
Primer - Illamasqua
Concealer - Too Faced 
Base - Bourjois
Face Powder - By Terry
Bronzer/Highlighter - Charlotte Tilbury
Blush - Hourglass
Eyeshadow Charlotte Tilbury
Liquid EyelinerNYX
MascaraLiz Earle
Lip Balm - By Terry
Lipstick - Illamasqua

Well there's my little Valentine's contribution for the year, I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow whether or not you do have someone to share it with, movie/duvet days and snacks were invented for a reason! Also, can we please just take a second to appreciate this very pink, very ruffled, very satin, very beautiful blouse I got in the top shop sale for £7 whilst shopping with my friend Beth on Saturday!! £7!!! Not forgetting I managed to pick up some pink tulips for 35p from M&S. So much love.

Will you be doing anything nice for Valentine's?