I seem to be on a little bit of a roll with these interiors/decor related posts recently, maybe it's the whole new year new me palaver, or maybe it's the ever growing (just not in height) adult inside of me.. Scary stuff, who knows. But in my last post, in an array of different bits and pieces I hope to slowly pick up, I mentioned that I had managed to grab myself this Oliver Bonas Ines Small Coral Bowl in the sale for only £4, and when it arrived wrapped up in white tissue paper looking at me in all of it's stoneware glory with pretty little light pink paint splatters all over it, I couldn't not snap some pics! & it also got me thinking that I, along with most girls I'm sure tend to have a lot of trinkets, bits of jewellery, those tiny little earrings that always somehow seem to go missing (don't even get me started on backs, if I had £1 for every time I've lost an earring backing!) hair grips, cotton buds, paper clips, or even just your keys. 

So in the hopes of becoming a little more organised and giving my dressing table/desk a bit of a slightly more tidier look (gone are the days of not being able to find a pen because my desk space was covered in crisp packets and god knows what else.. Please don't scrunch your nose up at me yet, I was 15 and would you believe it tidying my room was not at the top of any agenda..) I have accumulated a few of these trinket dish thingy's. But then I thought to myself, I have never actually purchased a 'trinket dish' as such, the two that I have always used have been a set of dark green & bright orange gold rim tea cup saucers that came part of a wedding present for my mum and dad in 1995. I have quite a few things like this that I've dotted around my room which I've found around the house, like that old black and white picture of NYC I found in my dad's office to which I politely proposed "Um, do you actually want this, because I just feel like it would look so much better on my shelf..". A trinket dish doesn't have to be a trinket dish, it can be a tea cup saucer, or a tea cup itself, or a bowl, stick some mirrored glass in the bottom of that old fancy packaged powder compact if you're really feeling that savvy. Sometimes you just need a place to showcase that new Charlotte Tilbury lipstick you got for Christmas that you can't bare to hide away in your make up bag because it may be 2017 now but some of us are not over the rose gold phase YET. I'm obsessed, and will be lusting over this Anthropologie Zodiac Trinket Dish if anybody needs me.

I feel like this is going to be one of those posts that's dedicated to one thing but ends up being about several different things at once by the time we get to the end.. Which is actually how the majority of my posts go. But fear not my fellow make up fanatics as I am not quite done with blogging about beauty yet, I must also drop in a little description about this beautiful Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette I received for Christmas, I'm feeling an Autumn eyeshadow look post coming on here. But I can safely say these are some of the best eye shadows I have ever used in terms of quality, texture, pigmentation and just how easily, quickly and nicely they blend together. This palette may have really sparked a much bigger love for shades more on the matte side for me. If any of you were tampering with treating yourself to a new eyeshadow palette, this is the one.

In terms of the whole dry January, clean eating, clean insides, clean toenails and everything else you can think of that should be clean in the new year, as much as I admire those people and there's completely nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, as much as I told myself I was leaving the majority of alcohol and not so organic foods in December, my boyfriend discovered (actually I discovered.. And didn't give him much choice in the matter) that he had a tad of Bailey's left so, yeah, this then lead to pizza and crème brûlée. I'm blaming the Bailey's, and Joe, of course.