It's been a little while since I did a post simply just dedicated to beauty, and I did say since I've gotten back into my blog in a big way recently after taking some time out from the inter webs and life in general that I really wanted to branch out and not just put myself into a beauty box and it be the only thing I talk about, which is how this blog started off originally, which is funny because beauty was not the reason for me starting my blog, wanting a place to document the 1,000000 photo's I would take on trips out and annoy my family (and now my boyfriend too) for stopping every 5 minutes to take a photo was.. But being an avid fan of all things make up & skincare anyway and finding myself with my first full time job at 17-18, and having more money than I really knew what to do with at that age, I sort of just fell into the blogging world of beauty! But, that's not to say that I don't still love it and that every beauty product I try, test, love and occupies the majority of the space in every single draw and shelf space I own, came recommended from another fabulous bloggers post! So without further ado, I have accumulated quite a few pretty snazzy products lately since my birthday/Christmas and just the switching up of my skincare routine in general, so I thought I would share with you five of the products I'll definitely be taking with me and making staples in my collection for the year to come.

Every year for Christmas I usually ask my step mum for a new eyeshadow palette of some kind to keep building up my little collection! & for the last few it's been those beautiful little Charlotte Tilbury quads that seem to be all the rage in every girls make up collection (but at around £48 a pop I find it much more cost effective to just wait until Christmas!!) So this year I decided to ask for something a little different and took a little peak in my ever-growing beauty wish list to see what was tickling my fancy, and I decided to go for the Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette stating the obvious a little there with the big green lettering above this paragraph! 

The reasons for this is because number 1. I seem to be having a bit of a moment with Becca products (give me alllll of that highlight!!) and I realised that pretty much the vast majority aside from about two of my eye shades range from either shimmery to extremely sparkly, and as much as there is and always will be a special place in my heart for sparkly lids that make your eyeball covers look like stars in the sky, I thought to myself I really need to branch out here, and of course there are those days where you're just not feeling THAT extra. Upon first opening the palette I thought yes, this is going to be a GOOOOOD time and like most ladies who receive make up for Christmas, took myself straight upstairs to try this baby out! & I kid you not after I'd given my eyelids a quick little blendy blend, I sat back and had a little "woah-o-O" moment to myself. All I have to say is, amazing, beautiful, matte glory, blends like a dream, treat yo self. 

I'll just start by saying that I think we can all agree these lipsticks, Charlotte tilbury make up and the packaging in general is a dream. I've been coveting at least just one of these beautiful little things for such a long time and when it got to Christmas I thought to myself, the time has finally come.. I have owned her eyeshadow quads, concealer and mascara before now and I'm completely in love with all of them, especially the mascara so I had very high hopes! I opted for the shade Sexy Sienna and usually I wouldn't really go for matte lipsticks as I just prefer a little bit of sheen and I'm not mad keen on the way matte feels on my lips, but these lipsticks aren't really matte MATTE, they're more of a sort of in between and of course if you want something a little more sheen you can always use the wear lip balm underneath a matte lipstick trick to switch it up a little! I do that with my matte red's, so you're pretty much getting two lipsticks in one. This is such a gorgeous colour and pretty much works for all seasons/make up looks, I've gotten some really incredible length of wear out of it and it just looks so flawless on the lips, none of that bleeding malarky! & of course the rose gold packaging of this lipstick looks reallllyyyy pretty sitting on my dressing table.

I am an absolute sucker for a good refreshing toner, I think it might be my favourite part of my skincare routine, I don't think there are many better feelings than splashing your face with cool water after cleansing in the morning and sweeping your face with a nice cotton pad soaked with your favourite toner. I love love love Neal's Yard, since going cruelty free it's really opened my eyes to a lot of/more cruelty free & natural brands and honestly not only the animals but my skin has thanked me for it too. I've tried quite a few Neal's Yard products now and not only are their bottles this lovely vibrant colour of blue that look lovely on display in your bathroom, (plus this bottle is actually glass so not only a little bit fancy but also.. VASE) I am quite the recycler, especially when it comes to pretty packaging. I truly believe that the contents inside every single product by NY is a little bit of magic! This toner is so wonderfully refreshing and preps my skin nicely for any products that are coming afterwards and helps to have everything sink in just the way it should, plus it's all natural and organic so I know foooo ssuureee that I'm not putting any nasties into my skin.

You may have seen this blush pictured and mentioned/featured in a few of my favourites links dotted around my blog, or if you follow me on Instagram I have been throwing it in here and there since about October time but I've never actually talked about it or reviewed it specifically in a post, so here I am talking about how amazing one of my biggest makeup gems is! This is the loveliest blush I have ever owned and I can't wait to pick up some of the other shades, I opted for Dim Infusion, not only is it beautiful and has the typical swoon worthy Hourglass packaging, it's probably the best money I have ever thrown at a beauty product. Usually I would most certainly not be inclined to spend £32 on a blusher (although I did receive this for my birthday, I will definitely be building a collection of these myself) but I have been blushing my life away constantly with this product for 4 months and it doesn't even look like it's been touched! I think it's safe to say I won't be hitting the dreaded pan for a very very long time. It's so well pigmented I only need to dab my brush into it lightly about 3-4 times to create the most natural flushed cheeks look, I use the Illamasqua Cheek Brush to apply it and they're a perfect match! It's the prettiest concoction of natural pink blush colour and a few extremely subtle waves of highlight running through it. If you haven't already, 10/10 would blush.
I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this cleanser in every single, maybe but one because I was having a little switcheroo, post I've ever written about skincare. But it's just so GOOD, and it doesn't matter how far I lean on the scale of trying out different cleansers, I always always seem to find myself coming back to this one, and I know there a lot of people who say the same, even guys too! I usually switch between this cleanser and the Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser,  which is the cleanser I mentioned in my last post if you'd like to know a little more about that gem. I still can't really decide which one I love more, but I think I have become a very big fan of cleansers that come with a muslin cloth of some kind, so much so that it just doesn't feel right cleansing my face without one. I think Liz Earle will always be one of my all time favourite skincare brands, I'm even using her shampoo and conditioner now as well! Hashtag obsessed. But this cleanser is sooooooo lovely, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and always sorts it out very quickly if I'm having a few skin issues, my skin always feels so refreshed, clean and prepped for the day ahead.. It's also absolutely amazing at removing both your face & eye makeup at the end of the day with one of her muslin cloths. 

And that my friends concludes five of my big big faves right now. I hope you're having a good weekend and let's all drink lots of hot chocolate, cuddle our pets and try and make ourselves feel as better as we can about the new situation with the Whitehouse. 

Let me know in the comments which skincare products you've been loving recently, or an all time favourite of yours as I'm always up for trialling new products!