About a week ago (thanks to my 17 year old sister I now can't ever say that without that one line from that Bobby Shmurda song "about a week agoooo" popping into my head, and I don't even like the song, the title is literally "Hot N*gga" good gaaaad). Anywhoooooo, about a week ago I became inspired by ThirdLove, the lingerie brand that focuses mostly on comfort, whilst of course still keeping it stylish, because I think we all know how much us girls can admire a pretty brassiere!! Brassiere, not brazzers, thank you very much google search. 

ThirdLove currently have a campaign going talking about all of your common bra-blems, that's problems with bra's if you didn't catch that! Braaaablemmsss, have been known to be the absolute bane of my day, especially when I've been at work, busy, and trying to do a million things at once/stressing most likely and on top of that being constantly aware that I am losing both of my bra straps half way down my arms and not be in a position to quickly readjust them AH. Is there really a more irritating feeling? I mean, besides going to the biscuit barrel and realising they're all gone, but let's tackle one issue at a time here. Part of ThirdLove's thought process is that decent fitting clothes are essential in putting an outfit together, so isn't a decent fitting bra just as important as that? & also essential to the fit of the clothes you have on too, a good fitting bra is where it begins my friends! I think whatever bra issue/s you may be experiencing, we can all nod our heads and give a silent sigh of agreement when I say that 99% of the time, wherever you go or no matter how long you've had it on for, as soon as you step through that front door, you're ripping your bra off, and not in a rom com saucy kind of way, in a I'm going to put on my sweats, let these babies be free and eat some cake kind of way.


The babes over at ThirdLove have also given me a discount code to share with you bra wearing angels BRABLEMSJAN15, so if you're feeling like maybe it's not that much of a new year new you, but it is definitely time for a new bra, you're welcome. Admittedly in the last couple of years maybe I have stopped wearing bra's as much, I suppose I have an advantage in the fact that I was not blessed with Kelly Brooke esq breasticles, which I used to think was a curse, and that my WHOLE life was quite positively over because I had no boobies, but as I've gotten older I have realised I'm actually pretty grateful that I am not flaunting two watermelons, as much as I think a lot of women rock that, I am 5ft nothing and somehow think I might topple over if I was met with that situation. Although they have grown a little, which I think probably has more to do with some slight weight gain due to not having the metabolism I did when I was in school, rather than the universe answering my 16 year old prayers.. I just don't wear bra's that often, if I think I can get away with it depending on what I'm wearing I won't wear one, but of course there are plenty of times where I do pop one on, plus I am a sucker for pretty underwear, give me all of the lace. Just recently I have been investigating and investing in some higher quality/equally as pretty, but more comfortable bra's, which is why I agree so much with what ThirdLove are all about. 

Since I've mentioned one of my main annoyances when it comes to bra's, I thought I would also ask 2 of the ladies I live with! & also share with you my favourite bra of the moment, this beautiful addition pictured above from Gossard, not only is it super super pretty, (and comes added with some very snazzy knickers to match) it's the comfiest bra I've ever owned, I've been really into lacy, non padded bra's lately.. Think Rachel from Friends circa 1995, hashtag free the nipple. But if you're still fancying a little extra support with that lacey look, whilst still having way more freedom in the boob area, ThirdLove have some pretty amazing looking bra's along this category here, in multiple colour variations too! 

The first person I decided to ask, mainly because she's always with me, is not only my sister but also my mini me, and although I never really envisioned having a 12 year old for a best friend at the age of 20, here I am.

Millie - "It's a win/lose situation because you adjust the straps tighter so the straps stay in place but sometimes it hurts, a lot. But then once you do that your bra still rides up sometimes (her bra's are of course not underwired) and once when I was getting changed for PE, I lifted my arms up and my nips got exposed, but it was ok because I was only facing my best friend, not the whole changing room". (phew).

Charlotte (17, the other sibling) -  "In the words of Georgia Nicolson from Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging, having big 'nunga-nungas' is not always what it's cracked up to be! Having to do the bra straps up nice and tightly for support is not so fun when you feel like your shoulders are being cut up by Freddie Krueger himself, and those little metal adjuster thingy's!! I would love nothing more than to find a bra with softer material, comfortable straps. Oh and let's not forget that time I had a faulty clasp and my bra decided to malfunction and ping open (Primark bra's can sometimes only be a good thing for so long..)"

ThirdLove have provided me with this cute little editorial discussing the most common bra-blems us ladies face on a day to day basis, such as slipping straps, band riding up, straps digging in, quad boob, side boob and for us smaller boobed gals, occasionally cup gaping. Plus some very handy solutions, so you can worry less about those pesky straps slipping down, and not forgetting the possibility of flashing your nips to every one of the girls in your year 7 PE group such as Millie (god bless her innocent soul). & you can go about your day wearing your bra the right way and maybe even investing in some bra's that tailor particularly in comfort, so you're not practically running from the bus to your house trying to stop yourself from taking your bra off through your sleeve in the middle of the street, wishing you were born in the time of the cavewoman where bra's were not a thing of existence because OH, the uncomfortableness. 

So if you're feeling a little fancy and you're sooooo DONE with bra's that resemble more of a restricting belt for your boobs, than two cups of comfort and support, take that discount code and have a browse through ThirdLove, where you'll find styles from the prettiest/laciest to just the simple basic, either way still featuring accents that bring you an ultimately more comfortable wear than you may be used to. I'm talking ultra thin memory foam cups that form to your body, soft micro jersey fabric, straps with super soft lining for a no slip comfort, foam padded hook & eye detailing with a tag-less label (which means no scratching yaaaas), and flexible nylon coated nickel free wires so no more of your underwire popping out of the material, stabbing you and trying to end your life.

Let me know in the comments if you've ever had a bra mishap & let's try and make it through this half way week point together, we're one step closer to Sunday and everyone knows that Sunday's are designated NO BRA days.


- This post is in collaboration with Third Love -