What better time than the new year to start thinking about a little switch up, or maybe just adding a few new bits and pieces to your bedroom, or any room for that matter, maybe even your whole house!  I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already, speaking of, I think I'm going to have to discover my inner handy-man/independent woman as time sort of got away from everyone over the Christmas period and I still don't have nails/shelves/light switches/hooks/handles where I need them to be, I was counting on my dad, but he does this kind of stuff for a living, so I think he got a little preoccupied with eating mince pies and cheese, and being the sofa's best friend.. To which, I cannot blame him!

I think with a place like your bedroom, it's a room that's personal to you, so technically is doesn't ever have to be completely 'finished' as you can add to it and switch it up all the time, I'm constantly adding little trinkets to my shelves.. Hello Oliver Bonas Sale. & Sometimes when I get bored I will just scroll through all of my favourite home decor websites and bookmark all of the pretty things that I think I could add to my room, I'm always looking for ways I can make it look better/inspiration and my tastes change all the time. I blame Pinterest. This can be both fun and a little bit dangerous, I mean do I really want/need to spend £50 on a velvet pink pouf cushion.. Yes, yes I think I do, in fact I've never been more sure of anything in my life. 

As I think I've mentioned before my parents only rent and I still live with them, so although we have made this house as much of a home as we possibly can, they're always very reluctant to do too much to it or to spend too much money as we don't really own the house. But anything that I add to my room, I figure I can just pack up, take with me whenever I do decide to move out and have these things look just as good in my new place. This is my favourite space after all and the place I spend the majority of my 'me time' if you will, it's not just the place where I sleep, it's the place where I play my favourite records, sit in my chair and read my books, plan future blog posts.. And generally just drink lots of green tea and hug my cats. It's the place that I can't wait to just get home to and relax in after being at work and around a few not so humble customers. It's my happy place. 

I took art in school/college and I've always really enjoyed making collages & moodboards, in fact I'm pretty sure I did part of one of my final piece Art exams as a collage of old fashioned pictures that I'd cut out from vintage magazines. So as an idea for a post of course, but also for myself so I can sort of envision a little bit more where I would like to go with my room next, I decided that I would make a little moodboard! And maybe give you some inspiration along the way, or maybe you'll see something you like the look of and realise you absolutely and completely need it in your life and don't ever let anybody tell you that you don't.. All things pink and velvet from now on will be in my possession. 

Mostly I feel like all I really want to add to my room at the moment is a little bit more character, there isn't much colour, I want all of the cushions! Lot's more art prints on my walls and on my shelves, complete with pretty brass photo frames. More flowers/plants, more vases, and just little accents that you see on your shelves and realise that's what it was missing this whole time! Such as this Striped Marble + Wood Bookend from West Elm and this Ines Small Coral Bowl which I picked up from Oliver Bonas yesterday in the sale for £4! I plan to use this as a trinket dish to store all of my little bits of jewellery such as rings/earrings. I would like more pretty storage baskets such as this Brushed Wire Basket from Anthropologie, don't forget to check the kitchen sections for things like this I've discovered, you might miss out on some right little gems! I'm actually planning to use copper cutlery draw trays inside my dressing table to store/organise all of my make up in, such as these ones I found here. & then I think I would really like some new curtains, maybe something like these Pinch-Pleat Ivory Curtains from Anthropologie which I figure would look really pretty/airy in the Summer with the light shining through. One item that is really on my saving for list is a new bed, I am 100% completely head over heals in love with this Reema Oak Double Bed from made.com!! Now, I won't go into detail but aside from just being in love with the bed, I am in NEED of a new bed, the one I have now is pretty but it is metal, and I think we can all silently nod our heads in agreement without actually having to say the word when I say, that, in certain situations that may or may not involve another person, it is a little difficult to be discreet, with a metal, equally squeaky bed.

And on that note ladies and gentleman, I hope you've all had the absolute loveliest of Christmases, got super drunk, ate lots of food, and generally just had a little bit of a good time. I'm looking forward to the new year and what's to come, let me know if you liked the look of any of the items mentioned in this post and if you have any plans to change a few things around in your home this 2017! (Yes, you read that correctly, we are no longer in 2004, Busted are no longer in the UK charts, you may panic).