I know some of you are all probably thinking right now, GOD no please not another gift guide!! In the same way we were all thinking GOD please turn it off when Gangnam Style was released in 2012 and got overplayed to high heavens. (Is anyone else thinking was that REALLY 4 years ago now??) But I have never done one of these before and I thought I might quite like to so, bare with me as I think I've got some pretty snazzy bits and pieces up my sleeve.

I discovered this beautiful little Fiorelli addition a good few months ago now on Asos, fell completely in love with it but at the time decided I didn't actually NEED it, I was trying to be sensible, stupid I know. Of course when I went back to it because I decided that actually a girl really never can have too many bags and realistically I'd probably had a pretty shitty week at work and my conscious was telling me, girlllll treat yo self, it was out of stock. But I was not about to let that come between me and the biggest love of my life besides my cat, so I hopped on over to the Fiorelli website and I give to you the Fiorelli Nikita Crossbody Bag, not only was it in a money off promotion they were also giving away free purses with every bag purchase that weekend.. You guys.. I got a £42 purse, for FREE. The universe decided to cut me some slack that weekend, clearly. I am super super gutted that I'm not writing this a few months earlier so you can get the same deal BUT, I thought I had to mention it as I don't know anyone who wouldn't be happy to receive this on Christmas morning (I may or may not be picking one up for my step mum..) I do also believe you can grab the black version of this bag from most places at around half price now!

If there's one place I feel you can never really go that wrong with for a Christmas gift (as far as all of the women/girls in my life anyway) it's a few little make up bits, I myself really don't wear that much make up, I don't do the whole contour thing (what is baking?) and when it comes to foundation I like to keep it as light and natural looking as I possibly can, mostly because I just cannot stand the way heavy make up feels on my face and the affect it has on my skin and I would just rather keep my skin blemish free than have perfectly chiseled/contoured/baked/blended/whisked/bronzed/sparkling/ amazingly put together smooth skin pigmentation such as Kim K, although I respect her for it. But even if you have a friend/family member who doesn't wear make up everyday, everyone likes to look a little fancier at Christmas, what I'm trying to say I think is, get some glitter on those eye lids. So I've rounded up just a few of my favourite's from my make up drawer which I consider to be pretty special and I know it always makes my birthday/Christmas when I unwrap one of Charlotte Tilbury's eyeshadow quad's! (I'm collecting them, if you couldn't already tell from about 4 other blog posts..), Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quads . Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow . Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Minx Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 2 Luxury Brush Set (which comes in a very pretty pink case!!)

A little spritz of Liz Earle's beautifully scented (and cruelty free of course) perfume never hurt nobody either. I have mentioned before that since making the transition to Vegan/only using cruelty free products that perfume is still one of the biggest things I struggle to find, and whilst lusting over Bella Freud's scents that retail for around £70 a bottle (daaaaaaaaaaaaaas expensive!!) for now I have been absolutely adoring the perfume's that Liz has to offer and the two I would recommend are No. 15 & No. 20, when I worked at my old job and I used to wear No. 15 my manager would always say she could tell when I was coming up the stairs because she could smell my perfume and I always get compliments whenever I have it on! Plus they come in the prettiest boxes with little illustrtations all over them, perfect for a gift!

I've been writing quite a lot lately, whether that be just whatever's on my mind or jotting down idea's and plans for the future or for my blog, I would definitely like to fit a little bit of travel into 2017! Plus I'm going to be teaching myself to play the guitar in January and I know I definitely learn better by writing stuff down so I treated myself to a new journal. And I know anyone else who loves to stay organised/jot stuff down/has a love for stationary won't be able to resist this Kate Spade Escape The Ordinary Journal, with it's front and back in baby pink linen and gold foil print, it's something a little extra than just a notebook. Plus, it has multiple page dividers.. Handy!! 

The gold piece of jewellery sitting on top of the journal is the Alex Monroe Baby Bee Necklace which I featured previously here if you would like some more close up images! I think this would make such a lovely gift for any type/age of lady and it works for every kind of occasion/outfit, I wear mine everyday.

Now I don't ever usually ask for clothes for Christmas/birthday's as I'm quite picky and I always like to try my clothes on just to be sure! And I can't handle the guilt of the look on a persons face when they buy you an item of clothing as a gift and it's either too big/too small or it's just not really taking my fancy.. Although I am never opposed to a pair of fluffy Christmas socks, thank you nan!! But can you really go wrong with just a simple, pretty top? I know I bought myself one of the most gorgeous tops I've ever owned from Bershka the other day which I'll be wearing for Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day! These metallic type plisse tops like the one pictured above seem to be everywhere at the moment and are perfect for the party season, this one you can pick up from Primark, and I have also seen some very pretty ones in Asos, Warehouse and New Look, I've also seen quite a few off the shoulder plisse tops too if you're feeling extra.

The last two items that I thought were worth mentioning are Daniel Wellington's forever iconic collection of watches, suitable for both men/women and are so classic you can wear them with absolutely everything. I got the Sheffield Rose Gold as a birthday gift about 2 years ago I think and it's still in perfect condition, I can't think of any reason why someone wouldn't want to receive one of these beautiful time pieces. I also thought I must throw a book in there for my fellow book worms! And still one of my favourite Christmas presents, Garance DorĂ©'s Love Style Life, I did a little review on it some time ago here if you'd like to decide who this might be perfect for this 25th! Garance is a well known fashion influencer but I'm obsessed with her because she's way more than that and it really shows through in her book, quite often these influencers and icons can seem a little unreachable, but this book is packed with a lot of life experience and relatable stories. If you know someone who is in need of a little inspiration, this book is perfect.. And, it'll look pretty sitting on your coffee table when you're done reading.

Christmas Card - Katie Leamon
As I mentioned on my Twitter, does anyone else who owns a cat have this same problem when trying to take blog photo's? They really are little menaces, and of course she had to make an appearance.. It wouldn't be the same if she didn't. I hope you're all having a lovely December and continue to have a really great Christmas.. I think we all need it after 2016 am'aright? Now let's keep our fingers crossed that the world doesn't end in 2017, although at least if it did we would be rid of Tonald Drump.