Well, it appears I have reached a little milestone, on the 14th I officially turned the big two-O, along with that I have also found myself without this little space on the internet for about 9 months, that's the same amount of time a baby stays inside of a womb, so excuse me if I stop making sense at any point, I'm a little out of sync on the whole blogging front. 

It's crazy to me that although I have been neglecting this blog profusely over the past year, there are a few of you that still seem to be here and have not disappeared completely, which is forever appreciated. 2016/being 19 has brought me many ups and downs, mostly downs, I think it's safe to say that 2016 has been an interesting year for everyone, Kylie Jenner was right.. God bless her flawlessly contoured face and plump lips. October is always my favourite month of the year, like a comforting old friend that makes me feel all of the happy feelings, it's my birthday month, it's Autumn, it's cozy, it's Halloween, it's pumpkins and copious amounts of coffee, the heating/fire is on and there are about 10 blankets in every room (much to my dad's amusement..) but October has been my saddest month of the year yet, and I decided that since my little love affair with the 10th of the month only comes but once, I would not let my sadness ruin it and started to think about a few of the things that make me happy, that I am currently lacking, one of them being this blog, I was at my happiest when I was throwing myself into this blog. I have also decided to retake my GCSE's and go back to college, which is making me pretty nostalgic and excited for the future all at the same time.

So that is what I have decided to do, you won't be able to find me on either Instagram or Twitter for a while as for personal reasons I have deleted those accounts, but I am working on it and will have new ones up and running very soon. You can still find me on Pinterest and on Tumblr, I have been feeling a little inspired recently and have decided to get back into writing, as opposed to this blog, so I have been posting some of my writings on my Tumblr, which I have included as a new page on here, so you're all welcome to give them a little read if you wish, as well as reading blog posts about the newest/shiniest Hourglass blush, I know I also enjoy reading other people's personal writing, it's heartfelt and relatable. If any of you feel the same way as me about writing/have a love for literature, I suggest you check out Orion Carloto, her pieces/outlook on life in general is beautiful and her suggestions on books/poetry never fail to disappoint. I will be trying to focus this blog more around my love for photography, travel, interior design and all things life related, as those are the things I am more interested in and I have decided to blog more about the things that I actually would like to write about, instead of just what I think might please most other people. But fear not, beauty/skincare and fashion are still things that I enjoy very much and will still be making a feature. You can expect to find the pieces featured in the pictures to your right which I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday this year from my lovely family pop up in some little reviews I have planned for the near future. Now let's just all appreciate my adorable little Alex Monroe bumble bee friend that is never leaving my neck, ever again.

To those of you that are still around and wanting to read, thank you for being patient with me x