In my last post I mentioned that I would be doing my December Beauty Favourites and then follow that with some big favourites of mine from December that aren't beauty related! But due to the fact that I'm a bad blogger, we're now into the 5th of January 2016 (crazy, just crazy) so I decided to change the title of this post around a little and make it my first loves of 2016 instead! Because over the past 5 days of the usual Januaryness of wondering what in God's name I'm going to do with the rest of my year/life, these are the things that have been leaving a little smile on my face and not that 
I'm generally mentioning it as a favourite but that green tea, definitely needed! 

I stumbled across Garance Doré & her illustrations/blog maybe a year ago, I don't remember how or where but all I know is that I've been completely obsessed ever since, so when I discovered she would be releasing a book I knew I had to have it & popped it straight on my Christmas list! (I don't know about anybody else but I always ask for books every birthday & Christmas, reading is the reason for all of my procrastinating!) I love the way Garance writes & reading her posts is always such a joy, not to mention the photography, being the kind of person who if she was your friend you know she'd be the first one you'd turn to for style advice & her illustration skills are the reason I want to plaster my wall with her art prints. I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover & all that but it sure does look pretty sitting on my little copper shelving unit! I haven't finished reading this yet, I'm really not very far in and I can already tell I'm going to love it and want to read it over & over (those are the best kind of books!) It's filled with personal experiences that give you the thought the whole way through of 'hey, maybe my dreams can become a reality one day' & that even a fashion expert like herself, can regret wearing a certain pair of shoes sometimes, nobody is perfect. "Part-style guide, part-visual diary, part-intimate look into the world of one of fashion's most powerful influencers, Garance surprises us with her candour and intimacy, blending deeply personal storytelling with her unmistakable photos and illustrations in a unique narrative journey."

I'd seen this book floating around a couple places across the blogosphere & although I'm an avid lover of strolling through a book shop and picking up exciting new reads I've never heard of before, sometimes I also just have to see what the 'hype' is all about and most of the time I'm not disappointed! That's exactly what happened with this book, I suppose it is a little guide to being Parisienne, also an insight into what it is to be a woman in Paris, but then there are certain pages in this book that make you wish you were in fact sitting in a little café in Paris on a gloomy day, sipping coffee, reading a book with not a care in the world & this book really sets the scene. I found myself having a little laugh a good few times and a book that makes me smile, is a good book. Some of it's pages are also filled up with recipes & at the back a list of places in Paris to visit from day to night (which I'm determined to check out one day!) With this book, I'm all set. "Bohemian free-thinkers and iconoclasts, Anne Berest, Caroline De Maigret, Audrey Diwan and Sophie Mas cut through the myths in this gorgeous, witty guide to Parisienne savoir faire. These modern Parisiennes say what you don't expect to hear, just the way you want to hear it. They are not against smoking in bed, and all for art, politics and culture, making everything look easy, and going against the grain. They will take you on a first date, to a party and through a hangover. They will tell you how to be mysterious and sensual, make your boyfriend jealous, the right way to approach weddings and the gym, and they will share their address book in Paris for where to go at the end of the night, for a birthday, for a smart date, for vintage finds and much more."

I like to be quite an organised/tidy person anyway, but in the last few months of actually loving this blog a little more and not going 2 months without posting like I did in the Summer (Oops) I decided I definitely wanted to make this little space on the internet a little more organised too & I definitely enjoy just getting a mug of some green tea, having a little sit down and jotting down all of my blog post idea's & it makes me feel so much more motivated seeing them all written out in front of me! It for sure helps too when your organisation of choice is the prettiest planner you may have just ever laid your eyes upon. I completely adore everything that Rifle Paper Co. sells and am a sucker for all things stationary or art print related, the planners they sell are just so beautiful! This one in particular features both monthly and weekly calendar pages & includes a section for notes and contacts, a pocket folder, ruler and the cutest thing I found, there's a little inspirational quote in the top corner of every page for the beginning of each week! Everybody needs a little Monday morning wisdom..
Being in the midst of decorating my bedroom means the constant dangerous & bank account murdering activity of browsing for furniture/trinkets & as much as I love it I also think Pinterest plays a blame in this (yeah, let's blame Pinterest..) I'd been pondering for a while on whether or not I wanted a clock for my room, big or small, on the wall or a nice little addition to my shelves, I know with todays technology I could always just look at my phone or laptop to check the time as if I'm in my room those two things are bound to be very close by, but I still just think there's something about a big clock in a room that adds a special touch. After some searching here and there I hadn't found anything that I loved quite enough & had kind of given up on the idea, but then you know that saying "love comes along when you're least expecting it" (or something along those lines..) well, one day I was browsing Made and there it was, in all it's beautiful marble & copper glory, I knew it needed to be mine instantly and told myself I'd buy it as soon as I got a little Christmas money (broke people problems) but I have a very sneaky step mum, who loves to please, especially at Christmas time! & so it was patiently waiting for me on Christmas morning (queue happy dance!!) I'm still yet to place it, but expect it to be featured in some future interior esc posts!

So much love, SO MUCH love!! I'm really not sure what else I can say about these, of course I already was in love with every song on each of these albums, but I think there's something so much more special about having any album/song on vinyl. I'm pretty much obsessed with anything that resembles a time I sadly wasn't born into, so I've been extremely excited about these! I've been an avid listener of Mumford & Sons for about 5 years maybe and I've always loved their music, but this album is totally different from any of their other material and I can't get enough of it, my ears are in love. & all I really have to say about James Bay, his music, his voice, his guitar skills and his face is that one day we'll be married, he just doesn't know this yet. I can't wait to carry on building up my record collection and also fit some oldies in there too, I'm a lover of the classics and maybe even a little jazz, this I think stems from my obsession with New Orleans and the 1940's.. 

I have known I wanted a record player for as long as I can remember, my dad used to own one when I was little but due to some tough/desperate times there were a lot of things that got sold on eBay, the record player being one of them. & although this record player isn't exactly the dusty old full of character and history vintage find I might have hoped for, it is still beautiful in all of it's white and again rose gold glory! (If you hadn't noticed already, there's a slight copper/rose gold theme running throughout my life currently.. Along with the rest of the population) I knew as soon as I saw it whilst scrolling through the Urban Outfitters home section that it would fit right in with the rest of the decor/detail in my new & improved bedroom, I'm very much in love with it and am having to refrain from Instagramming it every five minutes! & it's the reason you won't find me anywhere else other than sitting on my rug, sipping on some green tea and listening to some good music, generally wishing my life away.

Last but by absolutely no means least, this beautiful and dainty rose gold ring, complete with little crystals dotted all around into an elegant dip shape. This is considered a stacking ring on the Astrid & Miyu website, so would look super pretty with any other dainty rings, or any other ring from Astrid & Miyu's gorgeous rose gold range! (Hint; there's a lot of rose gold) I don't remember how I came across this brand but I'm love with just about every piece they offer, dainty & pretty jewellery is all you'll ever see on me so I'm pretty sure I'll be a big lover of them from now on. This ring has not left my finger since Christmas morning! P.S I really just needed something to lean my ring up against for this photo, but since it's sitting there in all of it's prettiness, I received the DW Classic Sheffield Rose Gold Watch for my birthday last year and I can't stand to leave the house without it on!