A little while ago I said that I would really like to start incorporating a little illustration into this blog as it's something that I love, love to do & have grown up around as my dad used to be a graphic designer. For my birthday in October I received a graphics tablet, so I've been playing around with that & practicing a lot. I wouldn't call myself an expert, I've made my way around Adobe Illustrator simply by making it up as I'm going along and basically just teaching myself, although I did pick up a few things at college. It's not perfect as I prefer the whole sketchy/messy kind of illustration and really I think the biggest thing that needs improvement is my hand writing! (It's surprising how much you lose touch of that once you leave school & find yourself not needing to write everyday..) So I've been using this pretty new font that I'm currently obsessed with & if you hadn't already noticed, is also the same as my brand new header that I made myself recently! 

So I thought the first little graphic I share would be something that's still relevant to this blog as I do enjoy talking about make up and a good bit of liquid eyeliner & a cat eye flick never hurt nobody. It does take practice, I remember when I was younger I tried it a couple times and then decided to completely ban the idea of any liquid eyeliner touching my lids for good ever again, but now I couldn't imagine leaving the house without it. It's a classic look & even just on it's own can turn a simple make up look into just that little bit more. My preferred type of liquid eyeliner is a pen type nib & my current weapon of choice is the Bourjois Liner Feutre. This is just a few steps that I started to follow to get the nick of it! & eventually it just becomes natural.