There isn't much else I can say in this post other than that in my whole short 19 years of life so far, this was probably one of the best experiences of my life & therefor totally worth freezing absolutely both of my butt cheeks off completely.. And everything else for that matter. My grandad is really into photography and all of the fancy shmancy camera equipment and generally is a little bit of an adventurer (does anyone else's grandparents have better social lives than you, or is that just me??) & because of this he's always recommending different little places to visit, so one Sunday morning just recently my dad came to me and said we'd be going to visit some baby seals and of course most of us have seen seals swimming around in the zoo or some kind of captivity, but I had no idea I'd ever get the chance to actually see or come close enough to touch these seals and their fluffy white babies!! Completely doing their own thing in the wild. I understand this may not be as big of a deal to some, but you're talking to the girl who used to make friends with the frogs in her back garden at the age of 7, I am in love with all things animals. 

If I've taken anything from this day it's that seals are super chill, it was waaay below freezing temperatures and they literally just laid there on their backs all day sleeping as if they've overdone it on a Sunday roast. Although it was freezing and my dad kept complaining that his ears might fall off at any given moment, it was a lovely day, you could see the moon in the sky and who doesn't love a wintery sunset.