A little while ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at Cheerz, Cheerz are a photo printing company & from what they'd seen through my blog and my Instagram they knew that I'm very into taking photos and everything that kind of surrounds that aspect, so they kindly offered to send me something from their range of products! I've come across a couple of photo printing companies, but Cheerz are by far my favourite. Their range stems from boxes to prints, albums, magnets, posters, frames, gift cards and also wedding related things such as save the dates & thank you notes! Everything is super cute but my favourite items and the ones that caught my eye as soon as I visited the website are the photo boxes, I think it's such a nice idea and all the boxes they have to offer are so pretty! Whether you're giving it as a gift or just for yourself. So I went with their Christmas Cheerz Box, I love the pretty print that surrounds this little box, the colours and of course the white ribbon tied into a bow, such a nice touch! 

With this box you can add up to 45 photos, you choose whichever photos you please that you may have stored in your phone or computer, nothing really beats holding that picture in your hand! & Cheerz print your photos onto premium Fujifilm photo paper. I love that they're little polaroid esq prints (it's seriously making me consider investing in a polaroid camera..) You can then customise your photos by choosing a boarder colour of your choice, adding filters or a personal message to the bottom of the photo. If it's a gift then you can also accompany your box with a little note! All of the boxes are made in France and the photos are printed on a retro format, with that thick white border, bringing back that traditional instant photo feel.

This is their limited edition Christmas box, which can't be delivered now until the 26th-28th December, but I thought that you're bound to take plenty of photos around Christmas & New Years Eve, so don't just leave them lying around in your phone or your camera, get them printed and sent to you in a pretty little box! And look back on those memories in years to come. 

I'd love to try some of their other boxes as each one has such lovely designs & they also do a much bigger 'Big Fat Box'! And the cutest one, the La Boîte à Photos Box, complete with 50 prints and a little DIY home decorating kit including photo corners to stick up your prints, colourful string, coloured sellotape and a bag of tiny (literally teeny) wooden pegs to hang your photos with! I also really love the look of their Photo Strips, photo booth style! & I will definitely without a doubt be purchasing some more of their prints as they're only 29p, with free delivery, everyone loves a little free delivery!

The quality of these photo prints are amazing, they look better quality as a photo print than they did on my phone! (If that's even possible..) I love them & I've come across some tiny polaroid frames recently so I'll be purchasing some of those so I can dot some of these pictures around and on my shelves in my room. Cheerz where also kind enough to give me a code to share with all of you, you can use it to place your first order of at least £8 and you'll receive £4 off your purchase - GEMMBPJ.

Happy photo printing! 
I hope you're all looking forward to Christmas, I'm mostly just excited for the hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows my step mum has promised and the pancakes on Christmas morning, complete with all the classic songs & my dad attempting to sing to them, just like every year!