As promised in my last post, I bring you the second part, a post about all my current skin care loves from my head all the way down to my toes (literally) & probably my favourite thing to talk about when it comes to beauty products. I've also found that a bonus of deciding to only use products that are cruelty free, that I'm also using products that are more natural, instead of being full of lots of nasty chemicals, which is always what you want! & I'd probably say my new favourite band that I've just recently discovered that's mentioned in this post would have to be Rituals, I'm obsessed!


Face it - I've always been majorly into skincare, ever since 16 year old me proudly purchased her first ever Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish & it's still a part of my daily face skincare routine today! (Because let's be honest before that at 14-15 years old it was probably nothing more than a wet flannel & some baby wipes to diminish whatever little make up I did wear..) I think I probably get a little more excited about buying new skincare products than I do make up (dare I say it!!) I just love knowing how much goodness I'm doing for my skin! As you can see I'm a massive fan of Liz Earle, she is a skincare genius in my eyes, aside from the Cleanse & Polish a product I also mentioned in my For The Love Of Skin post, where I did a little more of an in depth review of it! I've also been using the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion and the Superskin Moisturiser, all of which I use in the morning after my workout & shower! Of course including the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Facial Serum before applying my moisturiser. All products are so lovely and really make my skin feel ready & fresh for the day and most importantly, clean! I love the combination of the Cleanse & Polish with the muslin cloth, it just makes my whole face feel like it's had a thorough wash and the moisturiser is just perfect, it's that right amount of skin drink that you need, but without feeling really heavy or greasy on the skin like some moisturisers can do.

When the day is done & it's time for bed I repeat the cleanse & tone steps, but I follow that up with Liz Earle's Superskin Concentrate For Night and then my moisturiser on top of that! I've tried a night cream before, but never a night oil and I was a little unsure of how I felt about putting an oil on my face, but it's honestly one of the most loveliest products I've tried, not only does it smell amazing, it makes me super sleepy so I can drift off to sleep and wake up with very satisfied skin, it's just full of goodness! 

It's Pamper Time - When it comes to that little bit of extra help and all round niceness, queue a relaxed Sunday evening bubble bath and face mask, complete with Christmassy scented candles (of course..) I've been using the Lush Mask Of Magnaminty for a little refreshing once a week skin pick me up, and when I say refreshing, I mean refreshing!! It's super minty, it always leaves my skin looking & feeling nice and revitalised and it's kind of a mask and a scrub in one so, bonus! & I tend to have a little bit of a face exfoliation every 3 days, for that I've been loving the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel it's different to any face exfoliator I've ever used as it doesn't contain the little scrubby beads that most products that fall under this category do, it's a face scrub but it feels like a cleanser & it's just packed with absolute goodness and I don't know how it does it but it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

Body Talk - Now on to what happens to the skin below the face, because that's just as important too! I'm discovering so many new brands that I'd never heard of before but are equally as popular and lovely due to being on the search for products that aren't tested on animals and after seeing Rituals being talked about a lot as of recent by quite a few bloggers and knowing that they're cruelty free, I decided to give them a try, even though this may be a new dangerous addiction as I can already tell I just want to buy everything straight off their website!! I've being using two products from their Laughing Buddha range, the Foaming Shower Gel & the Touch Of Happiness Body Cream, they're both as lovely as each other and smell absolutely amazing, but my main favourite here would have to be the body cream, this moisturiser is what I believe dreams to be made of!! You know you get those moisturisers that are heavy & greasy and just sit on your skin and even if you walk around like a starfish or sit and wait for what feels like about 2 days, it doesn't really feel like it's sinking in! Well, this moisturiser is the complete opposite to that! I kid you not it sinks in straight away and leaves your skin feeling so so soft, I'm in love with it to say the least & if not for any of that, it has a very pretty rose gold lid ;-)

Not forgetting the all important step of a good scrub, or some "tough love" as Frank calls it! So far I've used two of this brands body scrubs, the original and the one I'm using now which is still a coffee scrub but it involves cacao, the Frank Body Cacao Coffee Scrub so it smells like chocolate coffee and really what could be better than that.. All of Franks products are coffee based and just basically little grains of sweet sweet goodness made for your skin instead of your coffee pot. It's a little different to other body scrubs i've used as it's completely dry and comes in paper bag, so that took a little getting used to but it's all round body scrub brilliance & as well as diminishing dry skin and keeping your skin smooth, it helps to sort out skin conditions such as stretch marks, eczema, cellulite and acne, plus you can also use it on your face if you please!

I think I may just go & run myself a bubble bath right now, complete with probably too many candles and I'm pretty sure I still have a couple Thorntons white chocolate and coffee truffles left from my birthday.. This is perfectly acceptable for 2pm on a Monday, right?