I see "favourites" videos & blog posts floating around all the time and although I've only been blogging since about February time, I've never done one! So I thought it was about time, since I've been enjoying quite a few products lately and we've just had Christmas, a couple of the items featured in this post were little gifts from my lovely parents, hint hint.. Some Charlotte Tilbury goodness & a little Liz Earle spritzing. I love reading other people posts about what they received for Christmas, half because I'm a little nosey and half because it's just fun! But I decided that I'm not going to do that, so there'll be my December Beauty Favourites and then I'll do just a general December Favourites! Which will include a few other gifts I got for Christmas and some other things I've been very much loving this month!

This toner has been on my wish list for a very very long time, I'm not sure why it's taken me this long to finally hold it in my hands (or swipe it across my face I should say..) Maybe because I just love my Liz Earle toner a little too much! But I'm so happy I finally have it in my possession, I actually have it on the main shelf in my bedroom as I just think Pixi's packaging is too pretty! I can see why it's called the 'glow' tonic as it does something to my skin that no other product ever has and I'm not sure how but it glows!! It looks & feels smooth, fresh and healthy. I'm very much in love with it. It contains Ginseng and Aloe Vera, oxygenating & exfoliating, helping to tone, firm and tighten the skin. Removing dead skin cells for healthier looking skin! (Who doesn't love that?)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, just like the rest of the globe & their cats, I'm obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury and if I won the lottery tomorrow, aside from saving all the elephants etc, I'd buy a lifetime supply of every Charlotte Tilbury product there is. You may have already seen me mention one of these beautiful little palettes already in my On The Daily Face post, I love that one so much, how could I not get another one! (Or eventually all of them let's be honest..) So upon the top of my Christmas List this year was The Sophisticate & I must have been extra good this year because low & behold it was under the tree! I feel like now I have the two most perfect combinations of palettes, one full off shimmer & one full of matte and all incredibly wearable, everyday shades from daytime to night! 

I discovered Murad a little while ago whilst having a bit of a skin problem and I've always known the brand comes highly recommended and I've recently seen a few beauty 'gurus' talk about this cleanser, so I decided to give it a try! I've never been one of these people to suffer from bad skin & actually made it through my teenage years bad skin free, for that I'm very thankful and keep my fingers crossed everyday that nothing changes or comes back round to bite me in the left butt cheek in my 20's. But I am still human so of course I do get the odd blemish here & there shall we say! So I've been using the cleanser since about the beginning of the month and it's been doing wonders for my skin & keeping it feeling nice and clean, I'll either just splash it off or still use one of my Liz Earle Muslin Cloths as I love the way that feels, I think any Muslin Cloths are great if your skin feels like it needs a good spring cleaning. The cleanser provides gentle blemish medication to the skin which works continuously throughout the day. It's also anti-aging, not that I need that at the ripe age of 19, but hey why not start early!

I've been seeing Aesop around on the blogosphere quite a lot and if not for anything else, it does make for some very nice packaging! I've been dying to try something from their range & since going a little more natural and cruelty free, they seem to have found themselves at the top of my wish list! I thought what better place to start than with a nice body scrub, because I'm all for keeping the skin below my face just as clean as what's above it! It's a gel based exfoliant & contains a precise blend of Pumice and Bamboo Stem to slough away dead skin cells (just what we want) & the botanical oils in this scrub work to purify and calm the skin. "Imparting a polished outer self no matter how rough the day." It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth & most of all fresh and clean. 

Since the decision to no longer use products tested on animals, the most tricky thing that I've found is discovering perfumes that are cruelty free, I had a wish list of about 50 perfumes that I wanted to try & down to research, every single one of the brands the perfumes came from did in fact test, which more than anything just made me a little bit sad and disappointed. But I now have a lovely little shortlisted collection of perfumes in my wish list that I've found are good to go, kudos to those brands & to Liz Earle for never ceasing to make me fall in love with her products just that little bit more. The perfume comes in the cutest little cardboard, magnetic foldable box complete with silver graphics of the ingredients/scents the perfume is made up of. As you unfold the box, on the inside it then goes onto describe the perfume & it's scent perfectly and a lot better than I could ever put into words! It's just so lovely, when I sprayed it for the first time on Christmas Morning, even my dad let out a little very enthusiastic "Oohh that's nice!!" It's kind of indescribable, but it's the kind of scent that you smell & just love instantly and I kept having a little sniff of my wrist every now and again throughout the day and was happily surprised to smell that it was still lingering all the way through to Christmas dinner! It's also quite strong which I love, for once I can actually smell my perfume on myself, which also means you don't need a lot or to be spraying yourself with perfume into the next millennium and ultimately choking yourself and your cat.
"Fresh, spicy notes of Pink Pepper, Cinnamon & Bergamot are complimented by Damask Rose, Cypriol and Indian Sandalwood, while the cocooning qualities of Tonka Bean & Bourbon Vanilla create a feminine sensuality with a clean, fresh undertone."

I would love to know if there's anything you've been loving this December, beauty related or not! Or if you've recently done a 'What I Got For Christmas' post this year, then please feel free to link it below so I can be nosey!