For those of you who actually read/check back at this little space you might remember that I did a post back in A p r i l named Bedroom Snippets & the whole idea was that I would do a post showcasing the before pictures of my bedroom and then the after pictures because I was redecorating, but in that post I wrote "in about a month's time" my room should be freshly finished and redecorated.. Oh how naive of me. So basically, fast forward to November, nearly December (Eeek) and it's coming together quite nicely! Not quite completely finished, there are holes that need to be filled in here & there, a nail still to go somewhere, a wall light to go up and that's not to mention a shelving unit (all with the help of my dad of course, when he gets round to it..) But there is a little corner of my room which I'm pretty happy with & a couple other little things, so I thought I would share those with you! 

This I realise is just a light switch! But I thought it was a lot prettier than the ordinary plastic white/grey one that was there before it & overall adds a nice little touch!

It took a little while for the furry friends that I pretty much share this room with to get used to the big white rug that now covers the majority of my rooms floor space! At first they were very confused and would only walk around it, but I think she may approve.. I will of course add all items pictured to the Shop part of my blog, so if you see anything that you think you like in this post, feel free to check it out there! If any of you might like to know where the canvas picture is from, I got it from The Range, I just couldn't find a link to it anywhere! There will be a post added on to this at some point in the new year when the whole entire room is finished and I'm completely happy with it, so look out for that :-)

Happy last day of November!