But first, a little update - (And quite a lot of writing.. You've been warned)

For some of you who do read and tend to enjoy this little piece of internet space that I created for myself (thank you to those few), you'll know that I haven't posted anything in quite a while.. 63 days to be precise, I know because I'm reminded of this every time I take a little peak at my Bloglovin page! There have been a couple of you who have said that you miss my posts, which made me very happy but also very anxious too.. I didn't want anyone to think I'd completely vanished or lose interest (especially when there's so few of you!) but over the past about a month and a half, I also didn't want to create any posts that I knew I wouldn't be completely happy with or I didn't feel were of the best quality I could possibly get them to before hitting that all important publish button. I like to put as much time, enjoyment & effort into a post as I can, from the photography/editing to the writing and I simply (har har) just haven't had the time! In short, I decided to switch jobs, but during the time before I started my new job I suddenly found myself very short on money & no money means no money to be able to purchase anything, love it and then talk about it over here. But now things are starting to come together a little more & I'm happy to say that I should be getting back into the swing of this whole blogging thing and am excited to hopefully soon start introducing some new & some different aspects for you to (fingers crossed) enjoy! So, watch this space ;-)

Although I'm very lucky to be able to say I'm happy with my skin now, there was a time in my life aged around 13-14 that it occurred to me, almost overnight, my skin was no longer perfect! As I'm sure most young girls struggle with and even older women too.. It was around that time I first discovered the wonders of concealer and if you find the right one, it can quickly become your best friend, (along with the right skin care, it's not just about the covering up!!) For almost 6 years I used pretty much the same concealer give or take, these were drug store concealers mostly, although still worked perfectly well! That is until recently, I made the executive decision to no longer use any make up/beauty products or products in general that test on animals in any kind of way. This did mean sacrificing some of my favourite beauty brands & as a girl who enjoys blogging about make up, it shocked me just how many beauty brands there are that still go by this act. It may put some of you off to know most high end/well talked about items won't ever feature on this blog, but during my research I've realised there are still also a large quantity of decent brands that are completely cruelty free. On the other hand, it may not bother any of you & it doesn't mean that I'm going to start preaching or picking fights with people who don't really mind about using products that have been tested on animals (I'm really not one for confrontation, this may have something to do with being 5ft..) And I'm not for one second calling myself a saint, I'll admit that I was a part of the percentage of people who knew that animals are tested on for cosmetic reasons, but didn't really know too much about it or the large quantity of brands who carried out these tests & due to my love for make up was probably just a bit too scared to research it. But once I did I knew there was no going back & it's made me look at things completely differently. I thought to myself, how can I possibly sit here and say I love and care for all animals, if I'm putting products on my face that have ingredients/chemicals in them that have harmed an animal, just so I can look a little nicer in the morning. This doesn't change anything, it doesn't change the amount that I will talk about make up over here, or the amount I'll wear/the method I use to apply my make up.. Only the brands I use, love & talk about. I would also just like to point out that I am still very new to this process, so if there are any of you reading that feel the same way as me and also don't use products that test on animals and I happen to talk about a brand/product that you know for certain is tested on animals then please feel free to let me know. I will & am trying to do my research as best I can, but that's not to say I may make a mistake or miss something along the way. So if you haven't already guessed (that's if you've made it this far with all the reading!!) In this post I've chosen to talk about a couple of my recent favourite concealers, one to cover imperfections & one to combat under eye circles.. Because well, do all of us really get 10 hours of beauty sleep a night?? I think not ;-) cruelty free & better than most!

bareMinerals SPF 20 Concealer - I've never used a powder concealer so I was weary & excited all at the same time! I had no idea how it would look or what the coverage would be like, all I knew is that I've recently been using a powder/mineral foundation due to it being the Summer months because I really don't think there are many things worse than being out on a hot day and feeling like you have a cakey face full of make up on, just waiting to melt off like some kind of wicked witch out of a Disney movie. And I thought of course a mineral concealer is bound to match better with a mineral foundation! This is also my first bareMinerals purchase, having heard great things.. I can happily say that I'm very pleasantly surprised! I wanted to like a powder concealer but I didn't know I would actually end up preferring it to a liquid one, this whole powder make up thing is making me wonder if I'll ever go back! Especially also since it's so much better for your skin. I use my Zoeva 142/Concealer Buffer Brush to apply this concealer (this brush works well with any concealer, it's amazing!!) The concealer went on so nicely & added instant coverage with just one dab of my brush onto the skin and of course you can apply as much or as little as you like, without the added cakeyness that you may get from a liquid concealer if you apply/apply/apply. I'm sure this concealer would also work very well for under the eyes but I wanted to target two separate concealers with different jobs! But on that note this concealer does also work very well over the top of Laura Mercier Secret Concealer for that extra bit of under eye bag fixing.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer - When this concealer first arrived in the post and I screwed open the lid to the little pot I got that sinking feeling for a minute or two of "Oh s***, I've ordered the wrong shade.." Which I'm sure at least one of you has experienced before! But all was well and good once I applied it, in fact as soon as I put my finger to the pot and gave the concealer a swipe it seemed to change colour and go a little lighter and instantly soften up & reveal itself to be a very nice creamy consistency. Either way, the shade is perfect for my skin tone and I could really tell a difference between the under eye that had it on and the under eye that didn't, having not even applied that much product! It's not too thick or sticky, just that perfect in-between, quite a heavy concealer on the under eyes doesn't tend to bother me too much anyway, as long as it doesn't create those dreaded creases! But this concealer is a very nice consistency, it also made my under eyes look a lot brighter which I love. I adore Laura Mercier products, from her make up line to those very fancy looking body moisturisers! And having already tried the loose setting powder from her range and falling in love, I was excited to try this concealer and kind of already knew I'd love it even before I clicked on the 'add to your basket' button! Thank you Laura, you don't disappoint.

Happy Wednesday! & don't get me wrong I love Summer, but who else is excited for September to come around so we can get to Autumn? Warm jumpers, cosy nights in and the beautiful golden colours of the leaves!