My apologies again for being slightly absent lately and not posting that much! (To those of you who actually bother to read this tiny little space on the big wide world web), but sometimes life gets a little busier & unfortunately we can't all be Kim K and sometimes money gets a little sparse too, so I don't always have all the pennies to be buying all of the lovely products that are usually talked about over here on SGL, but I try my best! Or sometimes you just simply order things in the post and then they take ages & ages to arrive.. 

Not so long ago I took a trip to Topshop and whilst I was there it was hard not to take a quick peek at the beauty selection, they have such a great range now! If you live in England, then you'll know that it's starting to get a little warmer, It's June now and Summer has officially arrived! Although with England sunshine can be a little touch & go, yesterday I actually managed to get myself sun burnt a little just from sitting in the garden all day, but today even though the sun is slightly shining, the sky is so dark it looks like it's either going to turn into a black hole or there's going to be a tornado any minute, it's hella windy outside! P.S I don't think I've ever said 'hella' before in my lifetime, the sun has affected me. It's Summer, it's my favourite time of year and it's also my most favourite time of year for make up, I like to keep it minimum, especially on the foundation part! In the Summer I like to wear mineral foundations or if my skin looks nice enough from getting a tan then sometimes I won't even bother wearing any foundation! But that doesn't mean I don't still love my bright and pretty lipstick colours or a good sweep of bronzing highlight across the cheeks. And that's exactly what I picked up, both a new lipstick and a lip pencil in different shades & a very very pretty bronzer/blusher.

Topshop Lipstick in Inncoent - First of all I am absolutely loving Topshop's 5 Years Of Beauty range at the moment! Each lipstick in this range has rose gold detailing on it's casing & I think they look so much prettier like this! Although maybe I'm biased as I think everything looks pretty if there's rose gold included in it. These lipsticks are a range of Topshop's best-selling lip shades, with a twist. & they're one off limited edition, so grab one (or all 5) whilst you can! Inside this beautiful cream and rose gold casing is Topshop's signature cream finish lipstick and they're not wrong, whilst I was applying it for the first time I was genuinely surprised at how smooth and creamy it felt gliding onto the lips so easily, it felt like I was applying lip balm! This is actually my first Topshop lipstick purchase and I'm not disappointed, I'm very happy with it, in fact I think I may love it & have to keep it somewhere other than my make up box so it doesn't get grubby like so many people say Topshop lipsticks do because of their cream coloured casing! This lipstick in colour reminds me a lot of Mac's Pink Plaid, but just not a matte. Topshop are calling the shade an iced lilac and I guess you could say that's correct, but it's definitely not a striking lilac or purple shade, I'd say a very pretty light/medium pink and I like it best when when it's dabbed on subtly or blotted, for a discreet and natural my lips but better kind of look.

Topshop Lipliner in Disco - I'm constantly building up my lipstick collection, but don't really have that many lip pencils (well actually to be completely honest I only own one) & that's the Mac Lip Liner in Cherry, I just tend to always go for lipsticks the most I suppose and end up forgetting about lip pencils.. Even though I of course have a wish list full of them, but my lipstick wish list is waaay longer! And I also prefer to use lip pencil as an all over the lip colour, as opposed to actually buying a lip pencil in the same shade as a lipstick and then lining the lips, I guess that method is to make the lips appear more fuller? & I just don't really need to do that and I've never seen much point in buying the exact same shade lip colour, but in two different forms! So I decided that along with a lipstick, I would treat myself to a lip pencil too! This is my most favourite of the 3 purchases I made, it's probably the most beautiful lip colour I've ever owned & the perfect shade for Summer! It's a gorgeous bright pink, Topshop are calling it cherry, but I would always class cherry as being a red and that it is not! It's matte.. But then again I think all lip pencils are aren't they? & I found that this too glides onto the lips very smoothly and easily! It's very pigmented, I'm just in love with the colour!

Topshop Bronzing Illuminator in Reflect - On the face make up front I knew I wanted to find something that was sort of a multi purpose bronzer/blusher/highlighter as I'd seen something of that description in Topshop long ago, but never picked it up & regretted it (don't you just hate it when that happens!) And then I stumbled across this little number & it's beautiful! The packaging kind of reminds me of Nars except in circle form, with the smooth black texture of the case with the handy mirror in the lid. I haven't pictured it but the lid also has little stars on it, I think it will make for a pretty & very handy compact mirror when I'm all done with whats inside! I love this and I love that you can really apply it anywhere to your face, down your nose, cupids bow etc for a spot of natural highlight/glow, as a bronzer to add some definition or just applied to the apples of your cheeks. I also love that you could use each strip of colour in the pan separately or mix them together! A lovely quick sweep of Summer glow.

I'd love to know if you've tried any of these products or if you have any favourite Topshop beauty items, let me know!