It's become clear to me recently that I'm drawn to perfumes with quite decorative/whacky lids! If you've seen my blog post about My 18th Birthday Gifts then you'll remember the Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume, big pink/purply plastic flowers tied with a bright pink ribbon! But who doesn't love a pretty perfume bottle, because not only does the scent inside make you catch a whiff of yourself and think 'ok I smell nice today', they also look really good just sat on your dressing table. 

I tend to only buy one perfume at a time in fear of favouring one over the other and not using up one of them and it just gets left, because lets be honest, however pretty, perfume isn't cheap! And also just because I don't really feel the need to have about 5 perfumes on the go at one time! But my Vera Wang was running low (much to my dismay) so I had a little look through my wish list and found this little gem at the top of the perfume list screaming 'pick me, pick me!' And I'm really glad I purchased Honey by Marc Jacobs when I did because it make me think of Summer just looking at it with it's bright yellow lid and white polka dots and I'm guessing the big pearl and black striped kind of wings are supposed to resemble bees? Or I guess they could be flowers? But either way it's definitely one of the prettiest perfume bottles I've ever owned. And of course as for the scent, it is quite literally the perfect Summer scent, it's sweet but really not too sweet or sickly like some perfumes can be, warm and floral, with a hint of that laying in the garden on a sunny afternoon, fresh air kind of feel. Marc Jacobs says "Honey is a sunny, delicious floral. Energetic and alluring, with a sparkling golden touch. the perfect mix of brightness and warmth."


Pear, juicy mandarin


Orange blossom, peach nectar, apricot & honeysuckle


Honey, golden vanilla, smooth woods

The perfect all day, everyday Summer kind of scent. Could be warn on a relaxed, warm and sunny afternoon and also dressed up for a warm Summer's evening night out.

What's your favourite perfume at the moment, or your favourite perfume to wear this season?