Yesterday, with it being such a nice day, it was honestly so hot! And I was wearing black jeans so I was basically just cooking on the spot. Me and my family decided that we would go out for the day, we were originally just going for a walk around where I live because I live in a really nice, small little village with quite a lot of old buildings and more blossom trees than you could ever wish for at this time of year! But my step grandad is really into photography and he ventures out to quite a few places, so he suggested than we go to this tucked away little place on the outskirts of a place called Stamford, which is only about 15 minutes from where I live, there was a huge house there with a garden that looks like something out of a fairytale.. Willow trees, blossom trees, colourful flowers everywhere you looked, my little sister even got a flower crown out of it! & a stream with a wooden bridge over it & all you could hear was the birds tweeting and the sound of trickling water. There were also swans and little baby lambs & rabbits running around, I was quite literally in my element! We then went up into the town of Stamford and I look a few pictures there, Stamford is renowned for it's cobbled streets and beautiful houses, so we had a little walk around there and they also have some great little shops which I'm definitely going back to for a few little things for my room! I went into this one little shop which sold some really nice little trinkets and at the back they were selling a whole range of L'Occitane products! I really wanted to take some pictures of the inside of these shops but my camera is quite big and makes a noise when the shutter goes off & I didn't want to get thrown out for taking pictures! So here are the pictures I snapped of the day, I'd like to say todays weather is as nice as yesterdays but it's the complete opposite, & that's English weather for you! All I can say is, Summer may you please hurry up & get to the part where it's sunny and warm everyday..