I moved away from my original family/childhood home, school and town about 4 years ago now, it feels really weird even to say that because I remember it like it was yesterday and I can't believe it's gone so fast, anyone else have those moments where you stop and think ok life really does move fast? It feels like yesterday but a lot can and has happened in 4 years and a lot has changed, including myself. But there's one thing that hasn't really changed much in the whole 4 years that I've lived in this 'new house' and that's my bedroom. And sometimes it can still feel like 'the new house' to me, I lived in my old house for 14 years and it was all I'd ever known, but I'm a strong believer in that a home is what you make it and over the past 4 years my dad & step mum have worked together to do just that. But I also believe that the way our home as a whole has been decorated, could stay that way for the next 20 years and still look beautiful & never become outdated. But a bedroom, a bedroom is different, it's personal to you and in many ways a persons bedroom is a representation & mirror of them, every piece or item that sits in your bedroom is a piece of you, or a memory. A picture, a keepsake or those cinema tickets that you secretly still have from your first ever time at the big screen (mine was Monsters Inc, just me & my dad!) Whilst those things will never change, other things do, your age, your taste in colours and music or the transition from fairytale princess/superhero bed duvet's, to something a little more "dad I've had this Barbie duvet since I was 5 can I please have something different now" I'm pretty sure that's what 9/10 year old me would have said and I'm pretty sure it ended up being either Groovy Chick or something floral. (Because that's so much more grown up!) And whilst having this discussion with my dad, he took no hesitation in letting me know that he used to be extremely proud of his spiderman duvet, complete with wall poster & bright red and blue underpants.

But yes, I was 14 years old when I moved into this house and I'd never before, nor did I at the time take any interest in interior design or exactly have a vision of what I would like my new bedroom to look like, I just knew I wanted bright pink/red bedroom walls! (Much to my now regret) not that anyone else ever really got to see them because I was 14 & going through my 'teenage phase' we'll call it, and I was glued to my phone with the door closed probably thinking I was way too cool for socialisation of the adult, the parent kind. There are many things that I still like about my room and feel very lucky and grateful to have, but there are also many things that nearing 19 year old me would really love to change or just simply add to! Maybe it's the creative side of me that just can't wait to get her hands on some paint, or maybe it's the fact that the internet is for the most part, a wonderful & glorious place to be for things like Pinterest, Interior Design blogs, or just blogs in general who's owners have beautiful picturesque bedrooms that they share for inspiration, or websites such as Rifle Paper Co. that sell the cutest art prints, Garance Doré you are the queen of illustration! & of course one of my favourite places to be, an Antique Store. So now, to wrap it up.. I have a vision and it's getting bigger and better everyday and I need to keep reminding myself that while my bedroom is spacious and bigger than some, it's really not that big! And just because having a fireplace in your bedroom would look really really cool and very Blair Waldorf of me, it doesn't mean I can have or in reality fit one in my bedroom. Probably in about September last year I decided that I would really really love to redecorate my room & my dad decided that he would obviously really really love to help me, but as he decorates & creates the inside's of peoples homes for a living, it's been like passing ships in the night trying to find the time. But that time is coming soon and whilst I obviously can't wait to do a blogpost on and share with you what my new bedroom looks like, I had an idea that I would do before & after posts. I Always enjoy looking at before & after pictures with home decor/interior design and this way my old room will be here forever for me to look at. And I thought it would be fun to compare the differences, some bigger than others. So, if you've made it this far with the reading then you'll probably already have guessed and from the title that this is my bedroom now, within hopefully a month's time my new room with be starting to come together nicely! There will be some things that won't have changed much, just improved! And also some things that have changed quite a bit & a few things added in. I also thought it would be a nice idea to do a few posts after that on how I managed to do some things, how I made them look the way they do or how I built some things, kind of like DIY posts (When I say I, I of course mean my dad!) I'm thinking I might also quite like to do a post about some pictures that I've found accross the interwebs thats have inspired me! 

So, this is my bedroom, my 4 year old bedroom for the time being & I'm excited to see the changes and of course the final result! P.S That picture on my shelf of me & sister sporting matching bowl head hair cuts hugging on the edge of a Barbie bouncy castle/swimming pool says it all really doesn't it..