For Christmas of 2013 I received my first ever proper eyeshadow palette, and a not too shabby one at that. The Stila In The Light palette, looking a little worse for ware having been bashed around in my makeup box/bag and rubbed up against other items of makeup that had decided to go rogue.. You know the black stuff that makes everything look grubby, I'm yet to understand why my eyeliner and mascara constantly rebel against me here, and foundation, that stuff gets everywhere I swear!! Also 3 empty pans, 1 shadow pan missing, 3 others having hit pan and the mysterious disappearance of the Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner that comes with it, although I feel like half of this was contributed to by my 15 year old sister who completely and entirely denies using any of my makeup, even though we both know that she does. So all of these things later and I have a brand new shiny in all of it's glory Stila palette that I have consciously decided to take better care of this time and not use up waaay too much of the shade Kitten, even if it is my favourite colour. I decided I would take an opportunity to write a little bit about it and of course not pass up a chance to take a few photographs of this little, extremely photogenic palette. And have something to remind me to never let this palette get into the state that my first one did (fingers crossed). 

So I'll just start with the fact that I'm completely in awe before I even open the palette, the writing is in shiny rose gold, rose gold people, I know I'm not the first to admit that a little rose gold never hurt nobody.

The palette consists of 10 of Stila's best shades and a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel, when you think about it as a whole and for the size of the pans, I really don't think you can go wrong at £25. You can wear all of the shades wet or dry, making some of the shades even more bolder. They're all highly pigmented, easily blendable and glide onto the lids like silk. One thing that I did forget to picture is the little 6 page look book that it comes with, filled with different looks that you can try, interchanging each of the shadows with each other in different ways, I use this a lot.  The 10 shades in order of the picture above are -
Bare- A matte ivory
Kitten- A shimmering nude pink (The best one!!)
Bliss- A matte nude
Sunset- A copper shimmer
Sandstone- A matte neutral brown
Champagne- A pale gold shimmer
Gilded Gold- A bronze with gold shimmer
Luster- A dark shimmering brown
Night Sky- A deep shimmering blue-grey
Ebony- A matte black
The Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner is a matte chocolate brown.

I'm not sure who Sarah Lucero is but she sounds like a lady who knows what she's talking about, so I'm not going to argue with that. Also let's not deny that the quote's in the lid of all of Stila's palette's are a very very nice touch, 10 team points to Stila. 

A couple of my favourite looks from the book are, 'Purrfect Cat Eye' using-
Bare & Kitten applied to the lid and Bliss to the crease and outer corner of the eye. It does say to wet your brush and use Ebony to line the upper lash line, which works well enough but I prefer to use my own liquid eyeliner.
The shade Sandstone also works really well as an eyebrow colour!

The second look is 'Ombre Sultry Eye' using-
Bare & Sandstone applied to the lid, Gilded Gold in the crease and diffused all over the lid and it then says to apply the shade Luster to the lash line and blend upwards, but I decided to skip this step as I'm wearing liquid eyeliner.

And then paired with a red lip, as it's -10 degrees in England and -9 in my house, yes I am wearing my cosiest roll neck jumper.. P.s yes that is a whiskey bottle on my bedside table, but no there is no whiskey in it, I can assure you it's used as a vase!