It's been a while, 11 days to be precise! When I ordered myself some new make-upey bits I knew I would want to do a blogpost about the items I purchased, but then they decided to take ages to get from my laptop screen, onto my doorstep. So I was a little bit stuck! (That moment when you think you've got this whole blogging thing down, but the universe has other ideas kind of situation), so just incase any of you were wondering, or actually cared, I am still alive and no I have not fallen off the face of the planet.

I'm currently trying to build up my collection of eyeshadows, having the one palette although with a range of gorgeous shades, using the same one everyday can get a little boring and repetitive. Also make up brushes, because you can never have too many! There is literally a brush for everything and I feel like I need them all, even though I most probably don't. And as for the blush and the eyeliner, well it's been a while since I've purchased either! But my nearest beauty store is so far away and I hate the bus, I always get this lady sit in front of me who eats her bus ticket.. Yes you read that correctly. And unfortunately I am not a Kardashian and purchasing whatever I want, whenever I want is not the case.. Although wouldn't that be pretty great though?

I'll just start by saying, I don't know if it will look any different on your screens but to me my fingers looks really red/orange and I don't know why, so I'll apologise for that! I haven't owned a kohl eyeliner in so long, I used to wear it along my lower waterline all the time, but then I guess I ran out of the one I was currently using one day and just forgot to repurchase one! This time I wanted to invest in one that I had pretty high hopes would be a decent one, that stayed on for longer than just one blink of an eye! I realised I had this one hiding in my wish list, the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner in 88 Noir Intense, and I thought to myself, how much better can you get than Chanel. This is the first Chanel item I have ever owned and I must say it was quite exciting, you feel special just holding the packaging.. And also my first ever high end eyeliner, I had high expectations. This eyeliner also drew me to it because it's a plastic roll up eyeliner, as opposed to a pencil type one that you sharpen, I feel that these type's of eyeliners last a lot longer and you don't end up holding about an inch left of pencil because you've sharpened it so small, but you want to make it last! Although this eyeliner does still come with a little sharpener at the very end that you can just pull off, which I only discovered after I'd taken these pictures! It's very smooth and creamy, it glides on like a dream, you definitely don't need to apply too much pressure or keep going back and forth with the liner to make sure you get enough definition with the colour. My favourite part about this eyeliner is that on this particular day I had lost my liquid eyeliner (my sister had stolen it and she had taken her make up bag to school with her, the usual) so I thought, well I might as well give it a go! And it worked perfectly using it the exact same way you would to apply a cat eye with liquid eyeliner, I was very very pleased, to say the least. You can see this in the last two pictures!

 If any of you were wondering by the way, yes it was very much almost an absolute impossible task to get my camera to focus these brushes and the eyeliner!! The first make up brushes I ever owned came in a little set and that was the Real Techniques Core Collection, all of those brushes whereabouts are now a mystery thanks to my sister (I promise I love her really), apart from one of the brushes that I actually singed not thinking properly, thinking I could dry synthetic brush hairs with a hairdryer! My dad says "I do worry about you sometimes" and honestly I worry about myself. And so after that I've gained the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set, which has every brush you really need, but why have only 1 pair of high heels, right? For Christmas one of the things I bought for my sister was an eyeshadow brush of her own to stop her using the ones I have in the Zoeva Set, this was the Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush and I loved the look & feel of this brush, she let me trial it.. She owed me this at least! And I'd always wanted to own a few Mac Brushes, I know they're well loved by many, and what better place to start than one I'd already tried and loved! So I recently purchased it myself and I do love it, it's so soft and works wonders for both just a simple sweep of shadow, or a full on blend in the crease. The second brush I purchased is the Mac 266 Small Angle Brush, I'd heard great things about this brush and It's been on my wish list for a while so I thought, why not! I already have a brush like this for my eyebrows, but I've always wanted to try using a brush like this for liquid eyeliner as it always looks so perfectly lined and flawless when I've seen other people use this method, and I always think it's good to have a back up brush anyway incase one of them gets a bit too dirty to use and you can't really be bothered to wash it yet, or of course you lose one, which in my case isn't an irregular thing! On this occasion I did actually use this brush for my eyebrows and oh god it's so good! It's super thin so the lining and precision is perfect and it also enables you to make your eyebrows look more real by drawing in little brush stroke hairs, instead of just brushing on and filling in with a whole lot of whatever it is you like to use.. This brush was also very soft!

Going by the Nars bronzer I'd previously owned which was pretty huge, I had no idea the Nars blushes we quite so small and cute! If I ever win the lottery I would like to strongly consider buying Nars, I'm so in love with everything I can't even tell you. I've had my eye on this blush for quite some time, the Nars Blush in Deep Throat, I'd like to think by Deep Throat they're guessing what the colour of the back of your throat would be, but judging by the name of the Lipgloss I own from Nars named Orgasm, I don't think that's what they mean. The blush I owned before this was a Sleek blush in Rose Gold and these two are so similar they're basically the same, just that you get way more in a Nars blush! But Sleek's Rose Gold is basically a dupe for this if you're looking for something a little on the not so pricey side. I love this blush, I loved it when it was still in the box, but I loved it even more when I opened it and saw how beautiful it is. I should have really done a swatch just to show you how pretty it is, because you really can't see the details of the shade in this picture. According to Nars it's a "Flirty, Sheer Peach" which I completely agree with, aside from that it has little gold specks running through it which doubles it as a blush and a highlight and makes it look even more flattering on the cheeks, especially when it hits the light. I used my Zoeva 106 Powder Brush to apply it to the apples of my cheeks, which worked perfectly. It's not chalky or massively powdery like some other blushes and you don't need to apply too much or keep going back for more, it blends easily and very well, especially when blended with my bronzer which I'd already applied.  But because it's such a subtle colour you can apply it anywhere that you'd like a bit of highlight, such as down the bridge of the nose, without worrying about making yourself look too pink.

I purchased two eyeshadows from Mac, my first singular eyeshadows! I know some people like to pop out the pans and create or add them to a palette, but I actually like the little pots they come in, especially since that way I'll never forget what they're names are. The two shades I got are, Shroom and Wedge. With Shroom I thought it looked like a nice colour on the Mac website, but when it arrived and I realised it wasn't at all a matte, it's in fact shimmery, I couldn't have been happier about this! I just love shimmery highlight coloured shadows, I think they're so pretty and can be used anywhere. I brushed this shadow all the way up to the brow bone as of course it doubled as a fantastic little highlight, I also applied it to the inner corners of my eyes, which is my favourite place to put a bit of highlight, it just instantly opens up your eyes and makes your eyes look brighter and more awake. And unlike the shade Kitten from the Stila Palette, it's not too heavily shimmery or sparkly, it's a light shimmer, so it really is a perfect highlighter. I bought Wedge because I thought aside from being a great shadow colour, it could also double as a pretty good eyebrow colour! And I was right as I did use it on my eyebrows, it's the perfect in between brown, not too dark, but not too light either. It's perfect for an in the crease colour. The shadows glide on smoothly and are beautifully blendable, as you'd expect from Mac.

I used all products mentioned above on my face in these pictures, I apologise that you can't see the blush that well due to the very bright lighting that is my bedroom window! It was either that or really dingy lighting and nobody wants that. I used the Mac shade Shroom all over my lid, my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes, then applying the Mac shade Wedge to the outer corners of my eyes and the crease. Using the Nars blush on the apples of my cheeks above my bronzer with I used to contour. As you can see, like I said I used the Chanel Stylo Yeux to create the same affect as a liquid eyeliner along my upper lash line and it worked a treat! Also a little on my lower waterline also, I only ever draw my eyeliner on in the waterline half way across on the outer corner. And lastly I used the Mac shade Wedge to also fill in my eyebrows! I'm not in any way boasting about the things I've bought, call it a little haul if you will, or I'm just talking about the things that I've recently bought & loved and can maybe bring some inspiration to you, or maybe now you'd like to try one of these products too!

Have you purchased an item of make up lately that you love?