For as long as I can remember, my parents would take me to the seaside, although I don't remember from when I was really really little, from photographs it would just be me, my mum and dad and our little dog Arnie. Although a lot has changed since then, (such as gaining 2 sisters) the memory of being by the sea and walking along the harbour was and still is now, when I'm at my happiest. I won't lie that most of the excitement also came from the possibility that I might spot a starfish..

For 18 years I have always visited the same seaside town, the nearest one to me which is Hunstanton in Norfolk. But recently I was staying with a friend and her family invited me along with them to go to the seaside and they have always visited a different one, Wells Harbour which is still in Norfolk but just a little further out. I kind of like the idea that different families have different places that they always go back to and love. Of course it's always interesting to visit new places and because it's a harbour I new I would love it. I know most things/places are romanticised in movies but ever since seeing Safe Haven I have a dream of one day living in Southport North Carolina, with the tiny little beach hut esc restaurants, docks with all the boats lined up, a beach on beautiful water, but also a nice big forest with plenty of trees and lakes.. I think you catch my drift! 

Wells is definitely the prettiest Harbour I have visited yet, although it was freezing cold, wrapping up warm with a cup of coffee and admiring how nice everything looked and trying to get as many photographs as I could, I didn't really have time to think about how cold it was! This is definitely a 'happy place' for me now, it's extremely tranquil and most certainly somewhere I would visit again without any hesitation. 

An elephant with a 50's style painting on it, I literally couldn't be happier about this..